Cashless payments on the rise in SA

There is more to the future of financial services than making current products and services more digital - it's about giving people financial information, the ability to transact instantly and securely but most importantly, giving them choice

Fintech: The rise of the digital bank

We are seeing the transformation of banking, and those companies that can master new digital capabilities will not only be the leaders, but the only survivors...

Opinion: Why accountants need a tech qualification

Cloud computing and mobile technology has revolutionised the accounting industry - without it, it will be impossible to embrace AI because as it's only way to access the volumes of information AI and machine learning need to be effective.

Survey: High-net-worth individuals bank on cryptocurrencies

There is growing, universal acceptance that cryptocurrencies are the future of money – and the future is now. High net worth individuals are not prepared to miss out on this and are rebalancing their investment portfolios towards these digital assets.

Payroll providers: Compliant but not honest, transparent?

PaySpace stresses the importance of a rock-solid reputation - look for things like ISO certification that give you a hint of the company’s compliance track-record - and never sign on the dotted line until you're happy you know all details.

Fintech take on the CoFI Bill

Disruptive technology has the ability to reform the fundamental commercial and legal structure of particular financial products and services, in its entirety.

Open banking could make payment systems obsolete

Those who believe that ‘tap and go’ credit cards are the pinnacle of banking payment solutions are in for a big surprise. Chris Michael, a UK-based payments specialist and head of technology at Open Banking UK, says that developments in open banking APIs could render...

Why an independent, high-tech SARB is vital

Lower costs and better access to investment are fundamental for growth and jobs. Those advantages become reality when you apply the appropriate technologies. But technology can be risky and everyone prefers a stable hand to help guide the process. The South African...

Cryptocoins and their revolutionary architecture

Investment experts have often sceptically dismissed cryptocurrencies as excessively volatile. Technologists have described them as revolutionary. Who is correct? Will cryptocurrencies become a mainstream asset class? By Stéphane Monier, chief investment officer at...

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