Bitcoin and the question of tax

Christopher Renwick, attorney at Tax Consulting SA, discusses some of the pressing issues surrounding the cryptocurrency. Although usually behind the global curve, South Africa seems to be keeping pace with the current bitcoin trend. This is positive, as we are living...

Fundamental fintech shift coming

Far-reaching changes that govern Europe’s retail banking system will be implemented early this year – and the effects will be felt in South Africa. Several local banks that have branches in Europe will have to comply with a new European Union (EU) directive that is...

Insurtech shakes things up

Technological innovations have taken multiple industries by storm over the last few decades. However, insurance has often been pegged as a slightly more traditional industry. Enter insurtech, which is driving the new technologies increasingly underpinning insurance...

Unconscious queues, subconscious clues

What does every shop, restaurant, cinema and even parking pay station have in common? Credit card notices. Signs on the windows, doors and at cash registers, conveniently indicate which types of credit cards the shop accepts.

She’s 28, she’s Kenyan, she’s shaking up fintech

"Once you step out of the borders of Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, there is an entire continent of opportunity in the financial and retail spaces. We are seeing opportunities and interest in Ghana, DRC, Uganda and more.” ~ Leonida Mutuku

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