Opinion: Technology’s role in reducing insurance fraud

Within the healthcare sector, for example, insurance fraud is a significant and costly issue on a global scale. There is no regulation of fees, so healthcare providers have free reign to charge at their own discretion...

See the teen Cyber Ninja hack a drone

“My first hack was a Windows PC – a really old one that took a long time. I tried to hack it with a credential harvester attack to get user names and details. But doing this I learned about command lines.”

AI reshaping CX in the age of digitisation

Given the current pace and scale of these AI-driven advancements, Gartner predicts that 85% of customer service interactions won’t require human customer service reps by 2020.

The ubiquity of IoT in design

The challenge isn’t that IoT can’t deliver on expectations, but rather that far too few providers can develop every aspect of a solution and even fewer recognise the design limitations that may apply.

For IoT, the future is intelligence

When technology paints the future in the colours of AI and IoT, it is an artwork of elegant sufficiency By Phathizwe Malinga, MD of SqwidNet A simple gesture. A world built from accessible assets that drive human convenience and interaction. This is the future that’s...

OT security key to realising expansion plans

Effective control and security of operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems are inextricably linked with good corporate governance. Companies could use compliance with legislation and corporate governance requirements to overcome key growth barriers...

On the internet, nobody knows you are a fridge

Why can’t experts predict the weather accurately? That’s one of the modern world’s longest-running jokes and even Simon Gear, South Africa’s most popular meteorologist, often admits that even he gets it wrong. But at the very least, it can help us pack a jersey or...

An African blueprint for IoT success

There is plenty of published research around the potential, the capability and the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT). In telecommunications, and pretty much every adjacent industry, IoT is an opportunity knocking on the door. IDC forecasts global IoT spend to be...

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