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17 October 2021

Why SMB F&B manufacturers need industry-relevant ERP

ERP makes it easy to track information and meet compliance requirements of food safety regulations

Africa: The connected continent

October 13, 2021

Mobile transacting is fast becoming the golden egg of financial services – and nowhere more so than in Africa, writes Mark Dankworth, President International at Ukheshe Technologies.

The malicious insider: Behind the security front door

October 13, 2021

What if the person that just broke down your corporate defences is someone you trusted? This is not a drill. This is a question that around 66% of organisations have been asking, and that the other 34% should be prioritising. At a time when the cybersecurity threat has reached an unparalleled high, and reports are showing dramatic increases in successful breaches and hacks, the malicious insider is the security vector that no company should ignore.

The purchasing power of Gen Z and why businesses should take notice

October 13, 2021

Generation Z are today’s consumers and tomorrow’s business leaders. And while many businesses have focused their marketing and sales efforts on the Millennial market, the Gen Zers, as the new up-and-coming generation, must be recognised.

Business leaders’ challenge: Building a data-driven culture

October 13, 2021

As companies around the world begin to embrace that their future operating model is going to need to be Digital First, the race is now on for companies to invest in technology and data assets to create new value and opportunity. Nick Bell, Group CEO of Decision Inc looks at how this may play out.

Industry 4.0 sets standard in connectivity, intelligence, capability in industrial sector

October 12, 2021

There are many buzzwords that define the era of digital and transformation. From IX (industrial digital transformation) to Industry 4.0, these terms describe the emergent technologies and platforms that allow for organisations across sectors such as transport, logistics, and manufacturing, to refine operational excellence and business process optimisation in increasingly tight economic times.

Africa: Tax impact of digital transformation in consumer goods, retail sectors

October 11, 2021

The pandemic-fuelled growth of the digital economy and unabated demand for online retail products across Africa have led to extensive disruption in the Consumer Goods and Retail Sector (CG&R) sector, writes Jana Botha, Tax Consultant, and Prenisha Govender, Associate, Tax Practice, Baker McKenzie, Johannesburg.

Tackling SA’s environmental challenges while maintaining profitable business

October 10, 2021

It is no longer a question of if, but when. The pressure on nations to cut their carbon emissions as climate change tightens its grip on the planet is no longer a topic only driven by environmental activists.

Evolving crime tactics: The rise of account takeover fraud

October 10, 2021

Banking fraud management has always been dynamic, fast paced, and complex and fraudsters are constantly evolving their tactics to adapt to changes in the banking landscape and exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities,writes Toby Carlin, FICO Senior Director- Fraud, Cyber & Compliance.

How new proptech is empowering estate agents

October 9, 2021

Due to lockdown and Covid-19’s limited in-person engagement the real estate industry has had to fast track the adoption of virtual and video tours, with some agencies already on the band wagon and others having made no progress in this space.

An effective model to emulate in service of South African public

October 9, 2021

Following the emergence of Covid-19, the Solidarity Fund was created as a platform that brought together the private and public sectors, as well as labour and civil society to unify South Africans. Solidarity Fund CEO, Tandi Nzimande, shares indispensable learnings gleaned from her journey.