ICT spend to reach $5,5-trillion by 2020

New technologies - or “Innovation Accelerators” - will provide almost $7,4-trillion in aggregate industry revenue from 2015-2020, adding $1,8-trillion to the overall size of the industry in terms of annual sales by the end of the forecast period.

Digitalisation: The end game

Software AG Vice President Mohamed Cassoojee translates the new normal for digitalised enterprise" "It has created digital divides, rifts between internal pillar and external deliverables, and redefined the ideals of engagement and growth."

Opinion: Practical approach to tech in retail

Where are the real opportunities for retailers to digitise and transform customer experiences? Andre Muzerie, Oracle Business Practice Head, Africa, Wipro Limited says this conversation should happen at a more practical and immediate level.

Security: Exploiting data breaches

Understanding the most commonly exploited software, and the most frequently targeted vulnerabilities, can aid in mitigating the threat posed by exploit kits and prioritising their patching.

Cognitive computing and African digital transformation

Demand is growing for infrastructure systems choices capable of delivering cognitive workloads. However, the requirements of different industries or government entities varies, and there is no one-size fits all.

KPMG: No one should get away with fraud

Even information that is carefully hidden or deleted can be identified and disclosed; and adequate measures must be in place and appropriate provisions must be made to discipline guilty parties accordingly.

The future of IoT? Life-changing . . .

The reality of IoT: Soon every device you own – and nearly every object you can imagine – will be connected to the Internet, whether it’s through your phone, wearable tech or everyday household object. Are you ready?

What’s making the enterprise Wi-Fi market tick?

Countless innovations in areas like the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, data consumption, and an increasing demand for constantly available connectivity makes Wi-Fi is the gateway to unlocking this next wave of technology.

Cassino builds Alfa Romeo new-gen models

Midrand, South Africa: FCA has opened the doors of its Cassino plant, cradle of the new generation Alfa Romeo, to reveal the achievements of its partnership with Samsung.

IoT & Smart Cities: Vital, with profound benefits

The reach of IoT is staggering. In the near future, the growing population of nations may be fed by crops that are smartly planted at the right time and in precisely the right place to produce maximum yield.

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