Open all channels to learning

Censorship, a scourge that most South Africans had hoped to see the back of along with apartheid, has reared its ugly head again, with the recent X18 classification of the award-winning film Inxeba (The Wound). Currently, the movie can now only be screened in South...

Digitising integrated processes in the poultry industry

In the fast moving, volatile and critical poultry industry, control over processes within various divisions and sites is essential. Linking different divisions with each other and the business to provide an integrated view of the entire organisation provides accurate...

Open solutions for a digital age

By Muggie van Staden – As with any technological development, views towards open source have evolved. The connected environment of today requires a significant shift in how this is approached, resulting in the emergence of an open solutions ethos. But what does...

Political stability to boost Kenya’s GDP growth

Kenya’s GDP growth is projected to increase to 5.7% during the first quarter of 2018. This is according to ICAEW’s (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) latest report. In Economic Insight: Africa Q1 2018, the accountancy and finance...

FMI gains speed, agility with Lenovo ThinkSystems

The insurance business is fast-paced and dynamic, so IT must provide fast processing and storage that’s both available and easy to manage. When Durban-based insurer FMI needed to refresh its existing IBM systems, it turned to long-time partner Network Configurations...

Technology modernises dairy farming

Schneider Electric’s food &andbeverage solutions are increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the industry and its dairy solutions allow users to seize new market and profit opportunities, thanks to zero waste and 100% traceable production. This is...

ICT spend to reach $5,5-trillion by 2020

New technologies - or “Innovation Accelerators” - will provide almost $7,4-trillion in aggregate industry revenue from 2015-2020, adding $1,8-trillion to the overall size of the industry in terms of annual sales by the end of the forecast period.

Digitalisation: The end game

Software AG Vice President Mohamed Cassoojee translates the new normal for digitalised enterprise" "It has created digital divides, rifts between internal pillar and external deliverables, and redefined the ideals of engagement and growth."

Opinion: Practical approach to tech in retail

Where are the real opportunities for retailers to digitise and transform customer experiences? Andre Muzerie, Oracle Business Practice Head, Africa, Wipro Limited says this conversation should happen at a more practical and immediate level.

Security: Exploiting data breaches

Understanding the most commonly exploited software, and the most frequently targeted vulnerabilities, can aid in mitigating the threat posed by exploit kits and prioritising their patching.

Cognitive computing and African digital transformation

Demand is growing for infrastructure systems choices capable of delivering cognitive workloads. However, the requirements of different industries or government entities varies, and there is no one-size fits all.

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