SSA fixed broadband growth means opportunities for telecos, ISPs

Besides providing internet connectivity for remote populations, FWA can help support the growth of digital media, provide the wider population with access to government services and meet demands of businesses for high-quality broadband services.

Is Africa adopting new hotel technology?

Africa will have to speed up in order to satisfy global travellers who are used to digital accommodations, to meet guest demand and to provide competitive levels of guest service and engagement

Medipost IT systems support reliable medicine delivery

Medipost in-house software enables the firm to meaningfully support the work of colleagues while facilitating access to medicines for thousands of South Africans, enabling compliance with treatment regimes.

Why compliance needs to be in your business DNA

Automation might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about regulatory compliance, but there is a link. To be successful, organisations need to be on the front-foot and able to absorb new rules and regulations seamlessly to avoid the pitfalls of...

At the cutting edge of digital transformation

By now every organisation has come face to face with the reality of digital transformation, and recognises that it’s imperative to change the way they do business if they’re going to be successful in the months and years to come. But actually implementing changes,...

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