Key metrics for DevOps success

Every organisation relies on software systems that produce and manage its processes, controls its information, and extends its services to where they are best suited. By Craig Edwards, principal solution architect at Andile Solutions Companies have been altering these...

This is the best way to save your precious ERP project

Companies implementing ERP systems are gearing for growth, responding to it, or both. They’re spending a lot of money in the process, writes Gerrit Olivier, founder and CEO of About IT. These systems cost anywhere from R1m to R10m or more for small to medium...

SSA fixed broadband growth means opportunities for telecos, ISPs

Besides providing internet connectivity for remote populations, FWA can help support the growth of digital media, provide the wider population with access to government services and meet demands of businesses for high-quality broadband services.

Is Africa adopting new hotel technology?

Africa will have to speed up in order to satisfy global travellers who are used to digital accommodations, to meet guest demand and to provide competitive levels of guest service and engagement

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