In pursuit of progress: defining true transformation

“Noun. Movement to an improved or more developed state, or to a forward position.”
– Cambridge English Dictionary.

Keeping the lights off: Why Cloud demands new mindset

IT teams and leaders could be squandering financial resources by failing to adjust entrenched attitudes.

Embracing ‘intelligent friction’ in fight against online fraud 

You see fraud move around the world. As it’s solved in one place, it moves on to another market…

Cryptocurrency a primary concern for tax authorities

There are many South Africans who have made investments into cryptocurrency, and we see all types of traders and investors on a daily basis, writes Thomas Lobban, Legal Manager, Cross-Border Taxation at Tax Consulting South Africa. It has announced a new dawn of...

Remote desktop vs Virtual Private Network

The way the tech works is at network level and give users access to servers and machines that are generally only available within the corporate firewall.