2022 and beyond: Tech that will reinvent our digital future

2021 was a year of recovery and resilience, and one that brought extraordinary shifts in the way we live and work, writes Mohammed Amin, SVP – Middle East, Russia, Africa & Turkey, Dell Technologies. Technology has been an important pillar throughout it all,...

Leave by example: Why leaders need to show the way

Rest and time away improve resilience, allowing people to cope better with the unavoidable setbacks at work.

The ‘great resignation’ – coming to an office near you

In an exodus of skills, smart companies hire independent contractors to boost performance

Five board considerations for 2022 cybersecurity budget planning

As companies take stock and plan budgets for the new year, and as the pandemic continues unabated, companies will still need to factor in its ongoing impact on their business and daily operations; remote working, to some extent, will remain in place for many...

What’s important when building a BI programme for your organisation

With digital transformation picking up faster than ever before in the business landscape, most organisations today employ a mix of business tools to run their operations across sales, marketing, finance and HR, notes Hyther Nizam, President - MEA, Zoho Corp. More...

AR and VR in action on the ISS

AR and VR in action on the ISS

AR and VR in action on the ISS, New directions for the data centre, join the move to hybrid multi-cloud, Africa ripe for investment and managing the post-Covid workforce.