Simplify data management for better protection, monetisation

With PoPIA and GDPR), personal information must be managed in a specific way and destroyed after a certain time period.

The imaging trends set to shape what we see and create in 2021

From future-gazing tech to sentimentality for the past, Canon Europe shares its predicted trends across photography, videography and print.

Managing the inflammation of change management

Low key, continuous change minimises the resistance to change from within the organisation.

Tech trends to keep on your radar in 2021

Okay, so 2020 was a year not many of us will want all over again, writes Esti Kilian, head of business development and marketing at Itec SA. And yet, it was a year in which the tech industry came into its own, and learned lessons about adaptability, resilience and...

All change for payments…

All change for payments…

Digital issues that impact our humanity, special feature on data centres, all the action from Africom, AI and the shift in work, plus reportbacks from Fujitsu Forum, VMWorld and  Nutanix .Next on Tour.