Five things you’ll want to consider before moving into e-commerce

The rapid growth of e-commerce in South Africa due to Covid-19 has likely changed shopping behaviour for good.

Kenyan Wambari’s role in Nobel Prize-worthy organisation

The WFP’s current goal is to advance the world’s population toward Zero Hunger by 2030

5 tips on creating perfect remote work environment for employees

Don’t neglect to recognise your employees’ efforts just because you are not seeing them face-to-face.

Doing business in a fragmented landscape

A multi-cloud landscape requires a vision that integrates the various layers associated with driving business forward in a distributed environment.

Remote work beyond COVID-19

Cost efficiencies and performance improvements resulting from remote working cannot be ignored post-Covid.

Healthcare in the digital age

Why consider a move to the cloud? A new future for human capital, Fintech offering growth opportunities and printing in a post-COVID world.

All change for payments…

All change for payments…

Digital issues that impact our humanity, special feature on data centres, all the action from Africom, AI and the shift in work, plus reportbacks from Fujitsu Forum, VMWorld and  Nutanix .Next on Tour.

A New Future for Africa

A New Future for Africa

Techquilibrium: the secret of success in digital transformation, all the action from Sap TechEd, how new business imperatives demand new apps, the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, and the reality of the skills gap.