IoT asset tracking for farming to gain momentum

While 4IR technologies are increasing exponentially, the application of IoT in the agricultural sector has a long way to go in South Africa.

Face value: The ethics of facial recognition biometrics

People must feel comfortable with the technology being trustworthy while enhancing their security

Unlocking the potential of IoT in 2022

What lies ahead for this technology and its implementation as it continues to evolve and adapt to changing market demands?

What CIOs, IT industry players need to know about the future of ICT

IDC held its CIO Summit and IDC Directions conferences in Johannesburg. Kathy Gibson reported from both events   SA tech industry looks forward to continued growth South Africa’s economic growth is still low, while unemployment has hit historic highs, driving...

How to succeed with Industry 4.0

When it comes to technology investments, the factory floor and warehouse typically get the least attention – and yet they are critical to the operations and survival of any company. Brendan Cuthbertson, head of Commercial, Enterprise and Regional Public Sector...

All change for payments…

All change for payments…

Digital issues that impact our humanity, special feature on data centres, all the action from Africom, AI and the shift in work, plus reportbacks from Fujitsu Forum, VMWorld and  Nutanix .Next on Tour.

A New Future for Africa

A New Future for Africa

Techquilibrium: the secret of success in digital transformation, all the action from Sap TechEd, how new business imperatives demand new apps, the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, and the reality of the skills gap.