The ‘great resignation’ – coming to an office near you

In an exodus of skills, smart companies hire independent contractors to boost performance

Legal concerns around mandatory vaccines in the SA workplace

Successful vaccination programmes could play a critical role in establishing relative normality and the enjoyment of civil liberties.

The Third World War is digital

The lines are being drawn, the attacks planned… time for a more sophisticated view of cybersecurity

Rapid cloud migration makes multi-cloud a reality

The days of talking about cloud computing are over: in 2021, the world has seen a concerted move to public cloud as companies look to conserve their cash. Abdul Moosa, chief technology officer of CoCre8 Technology Solutions, explains that the last 18 months have...

Top five global tech trends and how SA businesses can get on board

Mark Twain reportedly once said: “Never make predictions, especially about the future.” The world of technology is awash with predictions, and these excite and scare us in equal measure, writes Tim Wood, Executive Head - IS & IT at Vox. Some predictions have lived...

Delivering sustained international development outcomes in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and other urgent challenges clearly demonstrate the need for greater resilience and sustained development outcomes in Africa’s economies and societies, writes Jon Williams,  International Development and Cities & Urbanisation...

All change for payments…

All change for payments…

Digital issues that impact our humanity, special feature on data centres, all the action from Africom, AI and the shift in work, plus reportbacks from Fujitsu Forum, VMWorld and  Nutanix .Next on Tour.

A New Future for Africa

A New Future for Africa

Techquilibrium: the secret of success in digital transformation, all the action from Sap TechEd, how new business imperatives demand new apps, the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, and the reality of the skills gap.