Embed compliance into business processes

Changing the mindset at C-suite level that compliance is not a “tick-the-box, rule based” process at the end of any transaction or activity is one of the greatest challenges around embedding compliance into business solutions. This is according to Kalane Rampai,...

BPM is dead. Long live BPS …

Over the last few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has started to permeate all markets as organisations across the board have begun looking for ways to harness the value that combining the IoT within other business process management (BPM) initiatives could realise...

How can you ensure consistent service delivery?

Imagine you’re at a restaurant. When you arrive, there is no menu. You decide to order what you feel like, however, every time you place an order, the response back from the kitchen is that they don’t serve what you’ve asked for. After several attempts, you finally...

Wading through the continuum of web, native and progressive web apps

By Mike Geyser – Trying to wade through the continuum of application technologies sometimes feels like you’re strolling through a swamp in an astronaut suit. But if you take a step back you’ll see a logic to how web, native and progressive web apps work in...

Develop for the bad guys: DevConf expert

As Africa’s youth embrace the development opportunities presented by new technologies and infrastructure, young developers must remain cognizant of the need to build applications with the ‘bad guys’ in mind. This is according to Nigerian full-stack developer and...

Effective EAM means profitability in hospitality

“Effective hospitality solutions, such as enterprise asset management software, let employees focus on improving customer service.” ~ Barry Diedericks, EAM Subject Matter Expert at Softworx

Better banking through technology

In South Africa, the fourth industrial revolution is seeing incumbent banks leveraging new technology to make things fast, smarter and less expensive for their customers, to enhance their existing offering.

US$ 2.1bn mining project runs on Candy

For the Venetia project, the Candy Estimating & Project Control Software from CCS Mining & Industrial was chosen. CCSMI is a distributor of Candy to the mining industry and a part of the EOH Group of companies.

Impact of always-on connectivity

Always-on connectivity and a proliferation of mobile devices has had an unprecedented impact on the world says Edward Carbutt, executive director at Marval Africa.

Education: Blockchain manages student data

Blockchain technology can help bring transparency and help build trust to transactions. It enables users to create networks that are permissioned and immutable; meaning they cannot be changed or altered by any one party.

Opinion: The problem with a sharing economy

The message is consistent and clear: Business, beware. Those who fail to listen and to see what their customers actually need, disregarding the invitation to innovate, may very well be ‘Ubered’ some day.

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