VAT and e-commerce: SA falls behind, stays behind

Tax systems around the world are struggling to keep pace with the digitisation of commerce.  Where tax systems could previously rely on technological constraints to protect the fiscus, they must now be adaptive to changes in the e-commerce landscape. By Chetan...

The special needs of seaports

As a major entry point into countries across the world, seaports are one of the most preferred methods for transporting goods and cargo for international trade. By Kamal Mokrani, global vice-president at InfiNet Wireless Clothes, technology, cars and food are often...

Transforming security for today’s speed of business

It’s no secret that organisations are spending more money than ever on security. Despite this, the only things outpacing increasing security spend are the losses due to security breaches. By VMware EMEA’s Ian Jansen van Rensburg Business models keep transforming,...

Online dating: Exposure of the dangerous kind

A staggering 62% of online daters have experienced some form of threat or problem locally while dating online, ranging from online to offline threats. Despite all of this, online daters fail to use simple methods to protect themselves.

Nando’s uses tech to focus on food & funny

Nando's customers expect to be able to make a card payment on a secure POS system, and our franchisees expect a constant connection. In a digital age, constant uptime must be achieved to deliver both productivity and profitability.

Cryptocurrencies and your estate planning

It would be tragic if your estate included the ownership of several bitcoins, but your financial planner was not aware of this when assisting you with your estate planning and the drafting of your Will...

SaaS to transform insurance industry

Even though insurance and various other financial services industries have always been data-driven, SaaS is taking this to a more advanced level.

Grey Saturday safer than Black Friday

The annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales offer great shopping opportunities – but they are also peak days for financial phishing attacks, and consumers are significantly safer on Grey Saturday, when the number of such attacks drops by up to a third despite it...

Why you need an ethics management plan

Caught? Rather than being found out by outsiders, organisations should disclose failure once they have established the truth. This will probably earn them more respect than when they are denying, fighting or freezing.

So, how safe is online shopping?

With the festive season is just around the corner, Robert Brown, CEO of DRS, offers a list of tips on how to stay safe and secure when shopping online.

The future of the connected car

The driverless car revolution is closer than you might think. Martin Walshaw, Senior Systems Engineer at F5 Networks, discusses the security challenges which must be overcome in order for this future to become a reality.

Cloud Security: Ask these questions…

How would you react if someone said, “Cloud is so secure you don’t need to do anything else to protect your data?" Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO at ESET SA says questionable advice like this is becoming quite popular...

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