Always-on economy, cloud data management trends

GDPR is a critical regulation for banks, insurers and other financial companies, as well as IT companies that could be involved in the processing of the data of EU citizens for these businesses.

Facebook: When your insurer ‘friends’ you…

Facebook expressly state in their Terms of Service that they “Provide a personalised experience for you”. How? By analysing “the connections you make, the choices and settings you select, and what you share and do on and off our Products”.

Physical destruction versus secure data erasure

There are lots of hard drives and solid-state drives lying around data centres and storage rooms and most contain sensitive data which needs to be protected or permanently removed or it could be put companies at risk. What's the solution?

Crowdfunding: Untapped funding resource for renewable energy

Small and innovative renewable energy projects battle to raise funds through formal channels.  One possible solution is to reach out to communities with an interest in those projects to help fund them through crowdfunding initiatives.

ISO 20000 and information security compliance

The looming PoPI Act in South Africa and the introduction of the GDPR in the European Union have brought information security to the fore for many organisations. Then, there's ISO 27001...

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