Argility celebrates 21 years with retail giant

By their nature, retail chains have a highly distributed organisational structure and individual stores need to be able to operate independently if communications are interrupted.

Shaping IT Asset Disposal in South Africa

'Very few companies understand the principles of IT asset disposal and, more importantly, very few know how to meet legislative compliance whilst reducing total cost of ownership.' ~ Wale Arewa, Xperien CEO

Driving Africa’s communications: Bigger is not always better

The mobile telecommunications industry is busy consolidating.  However, in doing so, it runs the real risk of curtailing its ability to innovate.  Pretty bold statement, I know, but in merging, the sector loses diversity and diversity, is one of the key things that...

Circular Economy: Driving sustainable fiscal development

While adoption of Circular Economy thinking is still in its infancy in Africa, there are success stories that can be seen in pockets where, through innovation, we are also seeing new business streams and even new industries.

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