Take business resilience seriously in 2018

If nothing else, 2017 provided proof positive that the unexpected does happen: South Africa’s political and economic crisis entered a new phase with the GuptaLeaks revelations, Kenya had to rerun its elections and the seemingly indomitable Robert Mugabe was forced...

How do you know if green means green?

It is vital to do your homework. Make sure the cleaning goods you're buying are made of products that, once broken down, create organic nutrients that can be released safely back into the environment.

New tech accelerates eWaste challenges

Dealing with eWaste securely: Xperien aims to collect redundant computers from companies by offering to sanitise the data residing on these computers, refurbish them and redistribute them to previously disadvantaged communities.

Wecycle achieving social goals

In addition to the deployment of people with a distance to the labour market in a Wecycle Service Center, the sorting and disassembly of the appliances increases the quality of recycling.

AI: The apex of tech, policy challenges

If humans don’t have control or veto rights over increasingly intelligent and pervasive AI (or control is restricted to a few trusted individuals), we could face serious unintended worst-case scenarios far beyond science fiction and killer robots...

Is another tech bubble brewing?

“The returns being produced in the technology sector are based on real organic growth that is occurring right now; not on the prospect of future growth, which was the case during the dot.com bubble of 1997 to 2001.” ~ Gerrit Smit, Stonehage Fleming

Future proofing ICT strategies

In the digital age users want access to services, data and information on demand wherever they are. According to Wayne D’Sa, Managing Director at Cipherwave, data centres rely heavily on internet connectivity. Are you future-proofed?

Leveraging AI and machine learning

"There have been warnings that a new super-intelligence is jeopardizing our civilization – and these warnings have been effective in attracting publicity." ~ Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon.com

Creating digitally activate communities

For South Africa’s communities to become economically active, it is essential that they have access to Information and Communication Technology.

Why CEM will make its mark on business

“Companies will have to change the how and when of customer services. They will benefit by identifying who their customers are and what their touch points are." ~ Bernice Houston, Sales & Marketing Manager at CRS Technologies

Gas could be answer to SA growth

Niall Kramer, CEO of the South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA), says there is enormous interest in potentially exploring for oil and gas in South Africa.

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