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Robo-Bosses: Future is here and it’s not scary


Robo-bosses: The future's here - and it's not as scary as it seems, says Rudraksh Bhawalkar, Practice Manager, Analytics, Africa Region, Wipro Limited and Gavin Holme, Wipro Limited’s Africa Country Manager.

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CIOs, CMOs focus on customer experience


Teams must become more tech-savvy: New technologies are making it easier to bridge the gap between the business the IT, and specifically between CIOs and CMOs.

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Cyberattacks: Writing your own ransom note?


Research released at the recent 2016 IDC IT Security Roadshow showed that CIOs put cyber security and privacy technologies at the top of the list of technology priorities to support digital transformation.

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$12-bn case for open innovation in South Africa

BIT data

Digital technologies, products and services will play a significant role in revenue generation for South African companies, accounting for almost one-third of total revenues in the next three years.

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Workplace 2020

CIO dilemma: Breached data levels are up

Data breaches are going to happen and companies need to shift from a total reliance on breach prevention to strategies that help them secure the breach.

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Digital ‘spring clean’ aids productivity

Digital disorganisation can often hinder productivity and lead to increased time wastage, essentially draining the business’ bottom line. Time for a spring clean?

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Five tips to reduce, reuse & recycle at work

Many office supply companies are developing more environmentally-friendly and easily recyclable products for green-conscious offices and businesses are encouraged to join the move to a cleaner planet.

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Debunking the myths of solar energy

“The single most important thing about SolarAfrica’s residential complex solar service, is that customers get clean energy without paying anything upfront,” says Johan Pienaar, Commercial Director, SolarAfrica.

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Security & Legal

Real cost of IT security talent shortages

Large companies struggling to attract sufficiently skilled IT security experts end up paying up to three times more to recover from a cybersecurity incident, according to research by Kaspersky Lab.

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Basics of Cybercrimes, Cybersecurity Bill

The Cybercrimes Bill affects everyone using a computer or the Internet, or anyone who owns an information infrastructure that could be declared critical. Here's what South Africans should know . . .

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IT Service Management

Software testing: Strategic management process

As organisations seek greater performance and reliability from their software, testing has become a critical component in the development and implementation processes.

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Seven habits of effective IT service management

Getting buy-in: An ITSM strategy needs to be incorporated throughout the organisation, so it is necessary for everyone to be involved and to buy in to the idea of change, and improvement.

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Gartner's gathering of CIOs, Senior IT Execs

Gartner called its Symposium/ITxpo 2016 held in Cape Town "The world's most important gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives”. IT-Online's Kathy Gibson was there.

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Intel, Huawei drive 5G adoption

“Everything is connected to the cloud, which gathers the data, where it is interpreted and we can gain valuable insights that lead to better user experiences.” ~ Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel

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Oracle empowers cloud developers

Extending its commitment to helping developers build and deploy rich applications in the Cloud, Oracle's new tools, services and initiatives support open, modern and easy cloud development projects.

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Shopping baskets topped up with WiFi

WiFi is rising up through the grocery list and blurring the breadline as it goes: Every day, more and more people are opting to spend their spare cash on WiFi data that could last them days or even weeks.

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