Record keeping in the age of compliance

If a company is unable to securely store both data and documents pertaining to a ‘data subject’, it could be faced with significant integrity issues around its IT protocols and data storage.

Outsourcing: Do you still have ownership of your data?

Companies should pay particular attention to the contracts they sign – some vendors try to keep ownership of data to lock-in clients, preventing them from moving elsewhere

Africa pledges to deliver Blue Economy at ABEF 2019

International and Pan-African organisations agree to collaborate on initiatives following successful ABEF2019, where the Women in Maritime Association also launched the Tunisia Chapter

10 megatrends shaping South Africans’ financial resilience

Individualisation, cost fixation, cyber risk, technological innovation and regular reviews are five of ten megatrends that are shaping the retirement funding industry and affecting financial resilience for South Africans.

Succeeding with SaaS: Top tips for enterprises

Be prepared: IT personnel will need to learn new skills for managing a cloud environment, taking on a more strategic, advisory role and spending less time on routine helpdesk support

You’ve been hacked – nearly everyone has

Hackers are working to gain secure data all the time, irrespective of industry. Cybersecurity is a money-making business and will continue to grow. Everybody is a target…

The hype vs the reality of digital transformation

Transformation of the whole company should be the ultimate goal – that’s how opportunities for innovation are created. Innovation cannot be achieved by smarter decision making, or faster processes, or new technologies alone.

Is your business up for IoT in enterprise?

Technology for its own sake has become an easy temptation to follow in the digital environment, but businesses need to deploy the fundamentals to ensure readiness when the time comes to leverage IoT data

AI and business: Be prepared for big changes

A final piece of advice – have fun! Making inroads into artificial intelligence can be immensely satisfying and extremely gratifying when everything goes according to plan.

Is your digital twin an ass?

As with any new and fast-growing technology, companies should be weary of the possible implications that might arise without doing proper research before adopting it. Don’t let this be you.