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NordVPN tips for online anonymity

Using cryptocurrency helps users stay anonymous to some extent, but what are the other ways to remain completely invisible online? NordVPN gives you some tips to mitigate security breaches . . .

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Will Trump administration be good for tech?

While both technology elites and the general public believe the tech industry will do better in the next four years, they are less sure about Donald Trump’s role in that success - only half the public think Trump is a technology industry supporter.

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Digital trends: How 2016 will inform 2017

Which digital business trends will influence your business in 2017? Anton Moulder, co-founder and Managing Partner at Urbian, talks digitally transformed businesses and the trends that will drive change and success this year.

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FriendFinder: Why password security is vital

Even with strong passwords and appropriate storage, a cyber attacker may still be able to retrieve some passwords, using software such as key loggers. So, how secure are you in cyberspace?

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Workplace 2020

Hiring the multi-skilled to save costs

“A business’ most important asset is its people, and employers are aware that the kind of individuals they need to employ is imperative for the success of their organisations.” ~ Lyndy van den Barselaar, MD Manpower South Africa

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AI takes root in recruitment sector

A growing trend in the recruitment sector is machine learning, with this form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used globally to focus recruitment efforts and actively target top candidates.

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Five recycling projects that inspire innovation

It only takes one idea to start a recycling revolution – but it takes a whole company to pioneer such innovative policies, says Nathan Nayagar, Managing Director, Lexmark - South Africa & English Speaking Africa

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Green business: Trainable and viable?

Green business: While some use eco status as a badge to promote a good image, others are intent on actually making a difference in the way they impact the environment.

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Security & Legal

2017's top trends in identity technology

HID Global predicts the 2017 trends will ultimately transform the way trusted identities are used with smart cards, mobile devices, wearables, embedded chips and other “smart” objects.

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IoT and the top cyber-security risks for 2017

The rapidly increasing amount of data that is stored in the cloud is becoming real security threat and it is important to ensure that information is locked down, says Eset's Keagan Ackerman.

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IT Service Management

7 crucial elements in IT service management

Through the continuous assessment and enhancement of processes and services, an environment can be established in which the entire IT workforce strives for higher levels of quality and user satisfaction.

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Role of service design in risk management

Not following proper service design can leave a number of important components unattended and could result in unhappy customers thanks to ineffectual service deliver, says Marval Africa's Edward Carbutt

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Huawei takes two awards at AfricaCom 2016

Huawei will continue to work with ICT operators, standardisation organisations, industry organisations and a wide range of co-operations to promote the ICT industry in Namibia and also across the African continent.

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AfricaCom recognises African initiatives

The winners of one of the continent’s most prestigious accolades, the AfricaCom Awards, were named at the event in Cape Town. Kathy Gibson was at AfricaCom, and offers the list of winners here.

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Swift tests blockchain for cross-border payments

Using blockchain: As part of Swift’s global payments innovation initiative, which seeks to deliver a new standard in cross-border payments, the new PoC was scoped in collaboration with leading correspondent banks.

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Kishugu: Fighting Fires with SAP S/4 HANA

Effective fire management and risk mitigation is a complex affair that requires streamlined, strategic integration between all company processes to ensure that multiple global operations can be managed simply and conveniently, from a single platform.

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