Innovative technology critical to survival of food industry

Food and beverage industry faces a myriad of challenges – regulatory compliance, traceability, quality assurance – and technology can help companies regain control of their supply chains

Digital transformation is all about trust

To ready an organisation for the change digital transformation demands, companies should invest in expanding leadership capabilities and building internal trust.

Ransomware a growing threat to SA organisations

While a slew of other attacks exists, attackers who are after a quick payday are turning more and more to extortion-type attacks.

Violent protests must end, or SA risks being stuck in poverty

Unless civil society, labour and government can find new ways of engaging, violent protests will continue to drain limited resources that should be spent on development.

Diversity: The gender value proposition

There has never been a better time to stop fixating on how many women there are in IT and instead to focus on the value they bring to the business.

Data breaches on the rise: Are you equipped for the fallout?

With the average number of breached data records topping 25 575 per country, it is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ a business will get compromised. Irrespective of the company size or industry sector, stealing sensitive data has become big business. This is where the...

Listen: What do your employees want?

It may be about grand technology or putting the right devices and peripherals in the right hands – but are you asking what your employees want? And are you listening?

Managing multi-cloud and its business impact

While effective tool sets are available to provide single view visibility in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment, they are expensive and not seen as a valuable investment for many organisations.