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What successful digital transformation looks like


We often speak about Millennials, but what about Generation Z, who start interacting with technology from birth? They are the future customers who will one day make up the bulk of the population . . .

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10 things about innovation learned from startups


Innovation is the new competitive advantage, and large companies are realising that it's hard to do when culture, processes and mindset don’t support this new way of thinking.

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NGO guide to surviving age of digital disruption

BIT digitalisation

All staff must be digital staff: Non-profits need to create digitally-savvy, mobile workforces who are well equipped to flourish in a mobile-first, cloud-first world

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Think your customers are loyal? Think again


Customers are more empowered today than ever before - they know your competitors and if you don’t offer something unique or different, they switch in a heartbeat.

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Workplace 2020

Annual reviews vs performance management

While there are signs of change, organisations must move faster to revitalise performance management to adequately support the workforce of the future, says Accenture Consulting's Dr. Roze Phillips

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Capturing hearts, minds of Millennials

It’s a known fact that customers, partners and employees choose to engage with companies that are relevant and speak the same language as them. But what makes you relevant to the generation that has everything?

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Five recycling projects that inspire innovation

It only takes one idea to start a recycling revolution – but it takes a whole company to pioneer such innovative policies, says Nathan Nayagar, Managing Director, Lexmark - South Africa & English Speaking Africa

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Green business: Trainable and viable?

Green business: While some use eco status as a badge to promote a good image, others are intent on actually making a difference in the way they impact the environment.

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Security & Legal

Cyber security not negotiable in IoT age

While it’s understood that many threats originate from an external source, the possibility that they are internal is far higher which makes it critical to implement an effective monitoring solution - are you covered?

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What new donations tax could mean to firms

On 19 October 2016, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) issued a binding private ruling (BPR 253) which deals with donations tax consequences in certain transactions. See how this may affect your firm.

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IT Service Management

7 crucial elements in IT service management

Through the continuous assessment and enhancement of processes and services, an environment can be established in which the entire IT workforce strives for higher levels of quality and user satisfaction.

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Role of service design in risk management

Not following proper service design can leave a number of important components unattended and could result in unhappy customers thanks to ineffectual service deliver, says Marval Africa's Edward Carbutt

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Huawei takes two awards at AfricaCom 2016

Huawei will continue to work with ICT operators, standardisation organisations, industry organisations and a wide range of co-operations to promote the ICT industry in Namibia and also across the African continent.

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AfricaCom recognises African initiatives

The winners of one of the continent’s most prestigious accolades, the AfricaCom Awards, were named at the event in Cape Town. Kathy Gibson was at AfricaCom, and offers the list of winners here.

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Feature Creep: The enemy of digital innovation

Before your innovation team leaves the starting blocks it’s critical to understand what adding too many features does to innovation projects, says Gary Willmott, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Urbian.

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Staying ahead: Why business innovation matters

Truly creative companies foster a culture where employees know that there is no idea too big or small, to make a real difference to the organisation and its customers.

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