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Digital Future: Why it’s time to leave the cave


We might think we’ve escaped the cave, but if we understood what’s really possible, we’d realise we have a long way to go before we can truly call ourselves ‘freed’ of analogue, says Stuart Cassie

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AR no longer exclusive domain of CMO


Some of the most cutting edge Augmented Reality developments have been seen in the science and engineering fields and companies are now using AR to view new products in design phase.

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Mobile banking: The current revolution?


Mobile banking is an imperative: With over 1 billion users already transacting across the globe in 2015, demand will continue to grow, cutting across both developed and developing economies.

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How will FTTH change our workforce?


Companies should start to seriously consider the benefits of a virtual and mobile workforce - not only does FTTH offer faster home connectivity than any other technology, but fibre does so at a much lower latency.

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Workplace 2020

Capturing hearts, minds of Millennials

It’s a known fact that customers, partners and employees choose to engage with companies that are relevant and speak the same language as them. But what makes you relevant to the generation that has everything?

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Opinion Piece: Busting breathalyser myths

Some people think it’s possible to cheat by hiding the scent of alcohol so they eat foods with a strong aroma, like garlic, onion or breath mints - but there's no way to beat a breathalyser test.

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Digitalisation: Revitalising mining & communities

Mining firms' responsibility extends well beyond their own business into local economic development programmes, skills development, sustainable farming initiatives, tourism ventures, and other community endeavours.

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Five tips to reduce, reuse & recycle at work

Many office supply companies are developing more environmentally-friendly and easily recyclable products for green-conscious offices and businesses are encouraged to join the move to a cleaner planet.

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Security & Legal

What new donations tax could mean to firms

On 19 October 2016, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) issued a binding private ruling (BPR 253) which deals with donations tax consequences in certain transactions. See how this may affect your firm.

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Why protect cars, homes but not our identities?

Imagine waking up to discover someone has racked up a huge amount of debt, and potentially a criminal record, in your name. Now imagine this person got all the info they needed to steal your identity by browsing your Facebook profile...

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IT Service Management

IDC: Converged systems revenue up 12%

“Converged system vendors that are able to build these deep relationships with their customers are positioned for growth.” ~ Kevin Permenter, senior research analyst: computing platforms at IDC.

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Software testing: Strategic management process

As organisations seek greater performance and reliability from their software, testing has become a critical component in the development and implementation processes.

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VMWorld 2016: Accelerating business innovation

The industry’s top thought leaders, subject matter experts and IT professionals were immersed in the latest in cloud infrastructure and business mobility technology at VMWorld 2016 in Barcelona. Kathy Gibson was there ...

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Gartner's gathering of CIOs, Senior IT Execs

Gartner called its Symposium/ITxpo 2016 held in Cape Town "The world's most important gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives”. IT-Online's Kathy Gibson was there.

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Standby power systems boosted by local tech

Millions of rands are lost annually through standby power systems failing to initialise on demand. By electronically monitoring their status on a 24x7 basis, this problem can be resolved.

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Oracle empowers cloud developers

Extending its commitment to helping developers build and deploy rich applications in the Cloud, Oracle's new tools, services and initiatives support open, modern and easy cloud development projects.

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