Urban vs rural: Optimising ICT investment strategies

641.5 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live in rural areas – a majority 60.4% of the total population, which comprises mobile users and subscribers already embracing the likes of digital banking.

AI-based fuzzing could change cyber security

Strategic changes to people, processes, and technologies can force some cybercriminal groups to rethink the financial value of using certain attacks.

Turning manufacturing on its head, reaping benefits

Bridgestone South Africa has begun reinventing the way it “does” manufacturing, with early indications of success.

Know your labour practices despite rulings

Advocate Tertius Wessels cautions employers that they can still be found guilty of committing an unfair Labour practice, despite a recent judgement by the Constitutional Court, easing the burden on employers when dealing with precautionary suspension.

How to bridge the disconnect between work and productivity

The challenge of measuring productivity has taken on a new twist in the digital age. One company has tackled the challenge and come up with new ways of solving an ongoing problem. Kathy Gibson found out more As the Fourth Industrial Revolution becomes a reality, the...

Five good reasons that outsourcing back in business

Popular in the 1990s outsourcing is seeing a significant uptick, climbing to US$85.6 billion in 2018 – and looking good to employers who want to cut costs while having access to a pool of skilled staff.

Managing change: A digital transformation story

Business impact analysis an assessment used to determine the potential effects that change or disruption can cause to an organisation – and it’s a critical component of an organisation’s business continuity plan.

Leveraging emerging tech for sustainable development

Decision-makers globally should work together to identify technologies vital to SDG achievement and take steps to remove adoption obstacles. More work is needed, including R&D, to unleash the potential of big data.

Healthcare: The app will see you now

Whether connected to workforce productivity or employee engagement initiatives, wellbeing – when done well – can extend much deeper into an organisation than cost containment alone.

AI reshaping CX in the age of digitisation

Given the current pace and scale of these AI-driven advancements, Gartner predicts that 85% of customer service interactions won’t require human customer service reps by 2020.