Digitalise or die

The July issue of Futurewave BusinessIT looks at why digitalisation is important, and the role of your core applications in making that happen. The skills shortage in the South African IT industry is also under the spotlight, along with the changing dynamics in the contact centre space.

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Starting an SME: Two things I wish I had known

BIT Steven Cohen Sage One

"Great people are the foundation of any successful and profitable business. By great people, I mean employees who are professional, motivated, collaborative, trustworthy, and customer-focused" ~ Steven Cohen, Sage One

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Are we securing our online identities in SA?

BIT Mark Burnside ThisIsMe

Chirnside: "In South Africa an identity is stolen every 29 seconds, bringing home the fact that whether shopping or performing banking transactions, local consumers are not doing enough to secure their online identities.”

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MAN Truck & Bus, T-Systems accelerate digital

BusIT Michael Frans

“Users now receive the highest quality support, to ensure the business runs smoothly, efficiently and reliably" ~ T-Systems Head: Automotive/ MI/, Michael Frans

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Consumerised ERP: Sleek, fresh, appealing


"The consumerisation of ERP is the result of the consumerisation of IT, both as a platform and as a service - and one could argue that cloud adoption has accelerated its pace tremendously.”

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Workplace 2020

How micro-jobbing can impact the economy

Micro-jobbing taps into the idea of the gig economy – providing a platform for businesses and brands to breakdown large projects into small tasks or “jobs” that anyone can complete and be reimbursed for.

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Workplace stress: Good, bad and truth

Today's business leaders are required to know far more about their employees to be able to determine which are the innovators, the leaders, the high performers and the quiet, backbone-of-the-company members.

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Solar best to combat light poverty in Africa

Philips is in the process of installing 100 CLCs across 12 countries in Africa, where 500 million people have no access to light. Going off the grid and relying on solar power is be the best way to alleviate light poverty in Africa.

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Keeping up with CEM trends, tech

'When it comes to execution of CX, Africa is an interesting market - in some way quite advanced, but in others it is still a bit behind the rest of the global landscape' ~ Simon Cranswick

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Security & Legal

Taming the ransomware beast

Ransomware is one of few cybercriminal business models where the same type of attack could affect 'a Fortune 500 company, a local restaurant down the street, and your grandmother'.

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Document security for mobile users

To really protect the personal data inside a document, it should encrypted AND password protected with a medium to strong password, says Stergios Saltas, MD of Striata SA.

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IT Service Management

Goodbye lockin, hello microservices

The microservices revolution is not theoretical: Amazon, The Guardian, Netflix and the UK Government are a few examples of organisations that embrace microservices.

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Getting started on ITSM journey

Many existing companies miss the importance of having a well-defined IT CSI strategy in place, particularly if they are not aware of the need for improvement. Edward Carbutt talks fundamentals . . .

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Fujitsu focuses on innovation, digitalisation

Human-centric innovation was the topic at the centre of discussions at the Fujitsu World Tour in Johannesburg.

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Dell: Serious about partnering

Dell SA recently hosted an Executive Forum in Limpopo for its top partners, to outline the company’s offerings and to demonstrate how it is open for business with partners. Kathy Gibson reports.

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AR, VR add clout to visual marketing

Experiential marketing using AR and VR is the perfect way to allow potential tourists to experience destinations ahead of time and convert customers who may be hesitant to take the plunge.

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Self-service: Enhancing customer experience

In the age of fierce competitiveness, companies that deliver a great end-to-end experience that makes them stand out from the clutter will attract and retain customers.

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