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Tech and superhumans: Where's your cape?

If we constantly rely on government alone to solve the world's problems, our challenges will remain and get worse. What is our insurance policy of the future?

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The five phases of an IoT project

"Different interlinked building blocks are required for companies to be successful in their implementation of IoT" ~ Morne Bekker, Country Manager at NetApp South Africa

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Cognitive computing improves IT security

Cybercrime timeline: In South Africa, it takes an average of 199 days to detect and contain a breach – 144 days to detect it, and often it is another company that actually detects it; then 55 days to contain it.

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Dr Abedian and Cell C's Hangman . . .

“Spiritually, entrepreneurship is everywhere. No country, no part of  human beings is denied the spirit of entrepreneurship. The question is do we have a favourable and supportive socio-political and economic environment?"~ Dr Iraj Abedian

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Workplace 2020

Bridging gender divide in the boardroom

Deloitte Global’s Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective publication explores the efforts 60 countries to promote boardroom gender diversity, and shows women hold just 15 percent of board seats worldwide.

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Skills and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Professionals who understand data, who have experience working with major database platforms as well as strong analytical, quantitative and problem-solving abilities are like unicorns . . .

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Creating digitally activate communities

For South Africa’s communities to become economically active, it is essential that they have access to Information and Communication Technology.

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Why CEM will make its mark on business

“Companies will have to change the how and when of customer services. They will benefit by identifying who their customers are and what their touch points are." ~ Bernice Houston, Sales & Marketing Manager at CRS Technologies

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Security & Legal

Are you prepared as IoT threats mount?

For organisations to adequately protect themselves in the IoT era, they must move from static defence to agile responses to security threats via workflow automation and orchestration in their security operations

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Security as a service as threats evolve

"Network security requires a multi-pronged approach, as modern-day networks are borderless" ~ Anton Jacobsz, managing director of Networks Unlimited

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IT Service Management

Impact of always-on connectivity

Always-on connectivity and a proliferation of mobile devices has had an unprecedented impact on the world says Edward Carbutt, executive director at Marval Africa.

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Education: Blockchain manages student data

Blockchain technology can help bring transparency and help build trust to transactions. It enables users to create networks that are permissioned and immutable; meaning they cannot be changed or altered by any one party.

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The business benefits of hyperconvergence

Kathy Gibson reports from Dell EMC Channel Update in Sandton – The IT world is at an inflexion point as the environment we have worked in for the last 15 years is changing.

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Workforce transformation completes circle

The accelerating pace of technology innovation means that there is a constant demand for new user experiences. Dell EMC is leading with an innovative portfolio and solutions that help end users become more productive.

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Smart technology builds smart businesses

Delivering valuable, viable internal communications drives business success: Analytics company Gallup has found that actively disengaged employees cost the US up to $605 billion each year in lost productivity.

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Apps are the future of car rental

The entire car-rental experience will change: Customers queuing for service at a car-rental counter, then painstakingly selecting options from a checklist is on its way out.

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