Digital education boost for SA’s poorest pupils

SAP Africa head of innovation and quantum physicist Dr Adriana Marais says it’s vital to support the dreams of young people, but that tools such as science and technology were needed to make dreams a reality.

Open banking set to disrupt the financial industry

By Gerhard Greyling, Financial Services, Wipro Limited, Africa Changes in the world of banking have already been massive. Digitalisation means people are banking from their mobile phones, making payments via barcode scanning and even transacting using cryptocurrency....

What can we expect from SA fintechs in 2019?

The banking and financial services industries are being disrupted by a range of new and innovative fintechs. Dominique Collett, a senior investment executive at Rand Merchant Investments and the head of AlphaCode, offers fintech predictions for 2019 based on what...

Water crisis solution lies in infrastructure management

The water crisis in the Western and Eastern Cape regions is a stark reminder that South Africa is a water-scarce country. Businesses and individuals have responded to pleas from local government to reduce consumption but damaged pipes are still resulting in the loss...

Preparing the c-suite for an AI workplace

The race is on and China has made its intentions clear after announcing its desire to be a world leader in AI by 2030, but the USA is in the lead with tech Goliaths such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft investing heavily in AI

Mining: Stepping carefully into 4IR

4IR is creating a need for regulation on issues such as unemployment, intellectual property , data privacy and security, and liability for defects and loss of control. Is your firm ready?

Fintech take on the CoFI Bill

Disruptive technology has the ability to reform the fundamental commercial and legal structure of particular financial products and services, in its entirety.

The legalities of the digital signature

To ensure better security, particularly with regards to highly sensitive or complex records and contracts, digital signatures are more efficient and reliable.

AI and mind-blowing business growth

As more businesses turn their attention to the AI hype, they need to be aware of the challenges ahead. Despite the frenzy, AI is still nascent and there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for success.

Can we clean up crime, corruption in public sector?

Technology could completely change the way people are able to track and record what is happening on the ground, whether it be a local security company, a police task force or emergency response team.

Black industrialists and government’s commitment to SA

Black industrialists are defined as “black South Africans who own and, through significant shareholding, control an enterprise whose products are significantly used and have a considerable impact on decent employment and create B-BBEE opportunities”.

Preventing unethical behavior in business

Leaders need to model good behaviour. Their unethical or self-serving actions will authorise others to do the same. Ethical leadership is not about what is said, but about what is done, every day, in the big and small moments.

How tech makes the world a better place

Technology is not just about social networking and streaming your favourite TV series on your tablet. While these are all great, did you know there are other cool – and serious – ways creative tech is actually changing the world?

HR leadership roles a game changer

Given the wealth of data the HR and talent team has access to, they can be pro-active in analysing the business and identifying the gaps that exist, thereby adding immense strategic value.

The potential of secondary cities: A Kenyan example

Many second-tier cities are outperforming primary urban hubs in GDP growth, with sociologist Saskia Sassen insisting secondary cities “can be a global platform for companies’ global expansion”. Are you tapping in to their potential?