10 megatrends shaping South Africans’ financial resilience

Individualisation, cost fixation, cyber risk, technological innovation and regular reviews are five of ten megatrends that are shaping the retirement funding industry and affecting financial resilience for South Africans.

British Airways calls on AI experts improve operational efficiency

British Airways Chairman and CEO, Alex Cruz, has challenged artificial intelligence experts to help him transform the customer journey to enable it to provide the best service to its customers.

Blockchain: Helping assure consumers their food is ethically sourced

Blockchain provides the ability to instantaneously trace the entire lifecycle of food products from origin through every point of contact on its journey to the consumer.

GDPR and the Cloud: Three essential functions

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the new California Consumer Privacy Act provide consumers with added protections to ensure privacy and the power to deal with data theft or misuse

Driving Africa’s communications: Bigger is not always better

The mobile telecommunications industry is busy consolidating.  However, in doing so, it runs the real risk of curtailing its ability to innovate.  Pretty bold statement, I know, but in merging, the sector loses diversity and diversity, is one of the key things that...

Successfully courting digital natives in the telecoms sector

In the South African telecoms sector, digitally savvy consumers, armed with virtual royal sceptres such as Facebook and Twitter, have forced communications service providers down transformative highways, and reimagined customer experience

Circular Economy: Driving sustainable fiscal development

While adoption of Circular Economy thinking is still in its infancy in Africa, there are success stories that can be seen in pockets where, through innovation, we are also seeing new business streams and even new industries.

Online background checks: A digital predicament

While available online information may give previously unknown insights, is it enough to truly know who you are forming alliances or associations with and who you are entrusting, especially when it comes to your business information?