Smart technology to the rescue in civil protests

A safe  city can mean many different things to different people, but arguably the most pressing need for smart technology is felt when civil unrest becomes an issue. South Africans are no stranger to protest action, when citizens take to the streets to make their...

The countdown to 5G has begun

As mobile Internet usage has grown exponentially the world over, South Africa has in turn leveraged from faster network connectivity. The fifth generation (5G) network will provide more than just faster connectivity for local businesses and consumers, as it seeks to...

Make bolder technology decisions in 2018

South African businesses need to be bolder when it comes to integrating technology innovation with organisational strategy. Decision-makers must embrace this through an accelerated roadmap if they are to remain relevant to stakeholders in 2018. By Derek Bose, senior...

Game-changers for manufacturing

IoT being built into the product design, manufacturers adopting a more service-centric business model and 3D-printing reaching the tipping point of realising business benefits on a large scale. These are the three game-changing trends that Antony Bourne, global...

Don’t miss out on data centre transformation

In today’s digital economy, markets and customer purchasing behaviours are changing. Customers expect everything to be available online, anytime, anywhere. By Morne Bekker, South African country manager and district manager for the SADC region at NetApp To satisfy...

Smart cities: More than great tech

“Cities could also open up business opportunities for other companies and individuals to leverage the ecosystems and provide additional services, value.” ~ Edwin Diender, VP, Government & Public Utility Sector, Huawei Enterprise Business Group

Africa is not a data desert

Data science is becoming a prominent feature in Africa’s schools and universities, and the proliferation of technology training hubs springing up throughout the continent promise a data-rich future.

Combining machine learning with IoT

Forrester advises CIOs to leverage machine learning to turn the tsunami of data obtained in Internet of Things (IoT) deployments into actionable insights. 

Cloud: Innovation, not just excellence

The cloud is creating new strategic options for businesses of all sizes - and the opportunities are multiplying as IoT, big data analytics and artificial intelligence start to mature.

What does the future African city look like?

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the vision of the future is still emerging and we have yet to see what a true smart city will look like. Riaan Graham of Ruckus gives some insight into an African smart city.

Digital skills development lags in Africa

“The millennials making up most of our current classrooms are vastly different to the Generation Xers and Baby Boomers who generally make up our teaching staff. " ~ Riaan van der Bergh, FEDSAS

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