Empowerment at the heart of productivity management

The first step to improving productivity and efficiency is to monitor it. Companies that effectively monitor their employees’ daily work tasks and responsibilities see marked improvements in productivity and efficiency. But the exercise can prove useful for more than...

Valuable supplier onboarding practices

A lack of information or poor quality information could cause issues down the line, so a solid understanding of suppliers before onboarding them is vital

ICT skills brain drain: Is there a silver lining?

Many local organisations are seeking to fill gaps by recruiting from countries such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Iran and Poland, which offer excellent training in data science and data engineering.

Managing gender transition in the workplace

Companies must assess their level of inclusion, review policies and disciplinary processes for those discriminating against others, and evaluate gaps between the polices and what is practised inside the organisation

Diversity: The gender value proposition

There has never been a better time to stop fixating on how many women there are in IT and instead to focus on the value they bring to the business.

Listen: What do your employees want?

It may be about grand technology or putting the right devices and peripherals in the right hands - but are you asking what your employees want? And are you listening?

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