Ride the growth wave: consolidate business services

Business technology is like ordering a meal, then having to cook it yourself. But by adopting managed business services, local companies can open the resources to ride South Africa’s renaissance wave. The tide is turning in South Africa. In the International Monetary...

There’s one thing machines can’t do better than us

The World Economic Forum predicts that 5-million jobs will be lost by 2020 as the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to transform labour markets. By Matthew Kibby, vice-president: enterprise, Africa and Middle East at Sage Most of the casualties will be repetitive...

Make people analytics a company-wide responsibility

People analytics involves using digital tools and data to measure, report, and understand employee performance. It has traditionally been used to assess the return on investment of huma resource programmes, but people analytics can bring much more to the table, from...

Better EQ puts you a step ahead

By Dr Karina de Bruin – When going to work, one does not necessarily consider the emotional aspect of it, which in reality plays a significant role in your productivity and success. We are, after all, emotionally-driven creatures, whether we want to be or not....

AI should empower and enable human prosperity

By Paige dos Santos – Despite the reservations of several leading technologists and scientists – most notably among them Messrs Musk and Hawking – artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting and possibly useful technological developments...

Critical for employers to be procedurally fair

South Africa’s labour law is decisive in that there are definite processes that have to be followed in order for disciplinary cases to be confirmed as being both substantially and procedurally fair. Human resources (HR) and human capital management (HCM) solution...

Boost staff wellness and reduce risk-related costs

Common cost drivers for corporate South Africa are frequently accepted as necessary expenses rather than being proactively managed. What can businesses do in the year ahead to turn these challenges into opportunities for a more productive and prosperous future? “When...

New Labour Bill may please working parents

If the Labour Laws Amendment Bill is passed into law, employers will need to ensure that their existing leave policies and procedures are in line with the proposed amendments.

Impact of unfair dismissal on SA workforce

From an HR and labour force perspective, the Labour Relations Act clearly outlines specific conditions when dismissal of employees is automatically unfair, says Nicol Myburgh, Head of Human Resources at CRS Technologies.

Robopocalypse – heading for your workplace?

Here's the good news: Experts say that for every one million industrial robots created, nearly three million jobs are directly needed to support them. The 'robopocalypse' may not be a job-muncher after all.

Successful digitisation – it’s a people thing

“Change management, culture transformation – the path to digitalisation is in every business unit’s hands. That is, not only IT or exco, but also HR and communication." ~ Ebrahim Dinat, Ocular Technologies

Do you need up-to-date data protection?

Thanks to the proliferation of data-generating devices and technologies such as virtualisation, the cloud and BYOD found in today’s digital environment, data is growing at an exponential rate. How do you protect it?

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