Successfully courting digital natives in the telecoms sector

In the South African telecoms sector, digitally savvy consumers, armed with virtual royal sceptres such as Facebook and Twitter, have forced communications service providers down transformative highways, and reimagined customer experience

Online background checks: A digital predicament

While available online information may give previously unknown insights, is it enough to truly know who you are forming alliances or associations with and who you are entrusting, especially when it comes to your business information?

Digital business runs off smarter teamwork

Through the connectedness of people, with technology getting smarter, more mundane processes will be automated, allowing for better business insights ~ Muggie van Staden, MD, Obsidian Systems

Talent and workplaces: A virtuous cycle

Skills are scarce and keeping talent on-board is not easy. The worst is when you try to ply talent with money, creating an arms race with competitors. But the catalyst of talent acquisition and retention has become the workplace itself.

The successful CIO is the one most adaptable to change

To remain relevant in this era of change, automation and IoT, CIOs must reinvent themselves. Whether they can add value now will rely very much on their ability to build their skills above the automation layer

Five generations of employees reinvent the workplace

Gen Z and Millennials said in-person communication was their weakest communication style, while video and text messaging were the easiest. Older generations typically prefer face-to-face communications.

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