4Sight’s Asset Simulation team, represented by its subsidiary Simulation Engineering Technologies (SET), has been chosen as one of two South African companies to run simulation projects at Australian Mining Company OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill Mine. These projects are aimed at testing how simulation can help executives understand the impact of electrification on mine design and production, infrastructure and energy management. 4Sight’s Asset Simulation is now working to create a platform for developing and testing various layouts for the electrification of Prominent Hill’s mining operations.

This Electric Mine Simulation crowd challenge was launched by the Electric Mine Consortium, which is made of seven leading mining companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint and accelerating progress towards a fully electrified, zero-carbon, and zero-particulate mine. More than 179 companies responded to the challenge, with 4Sight’s Asset Simulation ultimately being selected as one of the five teams chosen to take the process forward.

“Mines are hugely complex operations, and face substantial risks as they accelerate the move towards electrification to decarbonise their operations. Multiple interdependencies need to be understood before committing the large sums needed to shift to cleaner energy sources,” says Jaco Botha, who is leading the 4Sight’s Asset Simulation team. “Our team has over 60 years of collective experience in this area; and the SimMine® tool we use has been a leader in this field since 2000, so it is mature and has a proven track record.”

Working smarter towards ESGs

4Sight’s Asset Simulation has extensive experience in using simulation tools such as digital twins to help mines optimise processes, work smarter in line with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) imperatives, and plan the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

One such engagement was to help Gem Diamonds, a leading producer of high-value diamonds, identify bottlenecks and test associated improvement initiatives at its mines in Lesotho and Botswana. The work of 4Sight’s Asset Simulation and its partner DRA Global – Minopex helped created a dynamic simulation model using empirical data to increase plant output and generate additional revenue of US$167 000 per month.

“4Sight’s Asset Simulation has highly practical, in-the-field experience in using simulation to help mines meet the challenges of achieving a zero-carbon future as soon as possible. Our solutions are complemented by our long-standing partnership with DRA Global – Minopex, and we are also working closely with Dave Collins of MAC Consulting to better understand the full implications of the decarbonisation trend that is redefining mining,” Botha says.

“The work we are doing as part of the Electric Mine Consortium’s Simulation programme is helping the mining industry move from what could and should happen to what will happen. 4Sight Asset Simulation are playing a big part in the process of helping to create the zero-carbon future we all need.”

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