As the Covid19 pandemic moved the world rapidly into working from home in 2020, South Africa was no exception, says Zeldeen Muller, CEO of inSite Innovative Education Solutions. Now, Chief Technical Officers (CTOs) are working to ensure all software meets work and security demands.

“As pressure mounts on Chief Technical Officers to assure both privacy compliance and amped-up cyber security, our innovative collaborative meeting pack tool AgendaWorx is gaining much interest from large corporates, whose board members are mandated to drive the organisation towards ongoing sustainability through ethical, and legal governance and sound financial management policies.

“Add to this the rise in cybercrime around the world, and the need for keeping reliable and permission-accessible records of company-wide communications becomes crucial.”

Muller says the locally-created AgendaWorx has been developed to meet the challenges of keeping many attendees, several topics and creating agendas and minutes for both on the same page.

“For the foreseeable future, meetings will be taking place online and every aspect has to be managed by the organiser, from creating the agendas and minutes in the fastest time possible, to inviting attendees and distribution of meeting packs.”

Legal, secure, scalable

Then, she notes, there’s voting during meetings, recording decisions, legal signing of documents, and tasking attendees for action items, reminders and follow-ups on those action items post meeting.

“All of this must take place in a highly secure environment. AgendaWorx is stored in the Cloud and meeting attendees can upload private documents and maintain their personal profiles,” Muller notes, adding that public and private comments, notifications on action items, collaboration, voice notes, surveys, tasking team members prioritisation are all available to make AgendaWorx a single-solution meeting pack tool.

While larger organisations find the extent of collaboration vital to having all stakeholders able to source their specific parts of recorded meetings quickly, SMEs see immense value in being able to refer back to discussions and actions over a period of time.

Says Muller: “From voice recording to voting on business issues, the ‘anywhere, anytime’ functionality of AgendaWorx makes it the perfect response to all business entity’s sudden need for effective communications from remote offices.”

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