CA Southern Africa has revealed its “chore versus core” campaign which delivers ITMaaS solutions to the market. According to Gary Lawrence, MD of CA Southern Africa, leveraging IT to deliver consistent, quality customer service is pivotal to competitive advantage in the application economy.

“The application economy has changed our lives and the way we do business, forever. The IT landscape must also change to keep pace with these dynamics. Traditional business channels are being usurped by on-line and mobile.

“The pace of business, coupled with continuous change, creates unparalleled challenges for IT where service delivery is not expected but rather demanded by consumers with many choices. In fact businesses failing to deliver the quality and consistency of experience expected by customers today – are doomed to failure – they will not survive,” says Lawrence.

He emphasises that applications are the face of business and today’s customer does not give second chances.

“Customers’ service perceptions are a direct reflection on the quality of a company’s IT provisions. Consumers are unforgiving if exposed to erratic service experiences.”

He says every CIO’s nightmare is – how do I manage the IT infrastructure and ensure we deliver world class services that support, and keep pace with, the ever changing demands of the business?

“Moreover, this must be achieved whilst at the same time leveraging technology to take advantage of the opportunities of the application economy. The answer to this dilemma is what we call removing the ‘chore’ of IT management freeing IT executives to focus on their business’ ‘core’ opportunities, challenges and growth.

“Simply put, CA’s ITMaaS is a new and exciting way of allowing IT executives to focus on value add services and have peace of mind that their IT services will meet customer demands as they tap into the expertise and technologies of a global leader in IT management.”

ITMaaS goes beyond traditional service desk or service management as a service by providing the infrastructure, application monitoring , security and service management capabilities needed to underpin an efficient and cost-effective IT Management operation.

Lawrence says it is an alternative software delivery model that extends the boundaries of traditional offerings. “CA Southern Africa’s ITMaaS solution provides a highly secure, scalable, and certified environment with the value proposition of: seamless integration; zero maintenance headaches; quick time to value; painless upgrades and more. This is augmented by the added bonus of the delivery of peace of mind that the company’s IT is being run by the most skilled IT management experts in the industry utilising leading global technologies.”

Lawrence adds that other features include: data remains in country – negating concerns in that area; access to the latest features; guaranteed service delivery; various deployment methods to meet customer requirements; unique customer specific onboarding and processes, plus affordable subscription pricing.

“Basically, we take care of the day-to-day administrative and operational tasks associated with our customers’ service management environment giving them the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing situations and technologies. Above all this solution empowers our customers with the ability to provide incomparable service delivery – the holy grail of all businesses today,” Lawrence says.

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