Datacentrix has announced that it has partnered with the Qatar Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), building a Digital Centre of Excellence that will define guidelines, policies and processes to guide all local government agencies in the digitisation of content, information and services.
The company is currently implementing two projects with the MoTC, the first being the delivery of a shared service platform offering ratification and validation services to government and corporates in Qatar; and the second, the formulation of a quality assurance policy framework.

Shakeel Jhazbhay, general manager: Digital Business Solutions at Datacentrix, explains that the first project, known as ‘Tasdeeq’, is the provision of a collaborative, encrypted environment for government, organisations and individuals to interact for the secure online verification and authentication of documents.

“Essentially, the Tasdeeq portal is a citizen documents ‘vault’, which allows Qatar’s residents to quickly and easily access archived documentation in a secure manner. Not only does this reduce the opportunity for forgery, it also ensures that less time is spent on in-person visits to government agencies for document verification.

“When it comes to personal identification verification, Tasdeeq requires that users enter their credentials in the national identification system,” Jhazbhay says. “The new environment uses data encryption, which includes a QR code, so only those authorised are able to see and verify users’ information, as well as a digital signature to prevent tampering.”

“With the launch of the new portal, the populace is assured of having their documents handled and processed faster and more efficiently without any worries,” adds H.E. Mr. Hassan Jassim Al Sayed, assistant undersecretary of Information Technology Affairs at the MoTC.

Tasdeeq is also available as a mobile app, which can be downloaded from both Android and iOS app stores.

“The second project, known as Javad, will see the creation of a quality assurance policy framework, based on our studies with stakeholders and industry best practices,” Jhazbhay says.

“Once the framework is in place, Datacentrix will implement these policies on the current government applications/eservices, intranet portals and websites, ensuring that they all include consistent, complete and up-to-date information, while adhering to service requests and fulfillment usability standards, as well as enforcing eservice data standards.

“Datacentrix has enjoyed a presence within the Middle East for approximately two years now, having established an office in Doha, Qatar. We identified an opportunity within this market for digital business solutions, and are proud to have our Digital Business Solutions division associated with the launch of this extensive digitalisation project with the MoTC in Qatar. We have worked very closely with the department, attesting to our focused partnership approach,” he concludes.

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