Dell Technologies has blacklisted all the Dell products stolen during the recent unrest and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, and warned users to be wary of buying through unlicenced channels.

The company has issued a statement regarding the loss of Dell products and systems during a recent spate of robberies in South Africa.

“All stolen items have been blacklisted and will not be eligible to receive any support or services from Dell,” the statement reads.

“We remain committed to tackling the issue of crime in South Africa and we’re working closely with law enforcement authorities to identify and bring to book all perpetrators and those who are found to be in possession of these stolen products.

“Furthermore, we aim to protect our customers from purchasing fraudulent or stolen products that have been obtained illegally.

“We would like to remind customers to be vigilant when purchasing Dell products and ensure these are being bought at authorised Dell Technologies distribution and retail outlets.”

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