A business’s need for greater data storage is constantly increasing due to storage-hungry applications and data driven business components. As technology demands continue to evolve, how do you decide what is best for your organisation?

Looking at IT professionals today, they are attempting to handle two simultaneous but conflicting pressures, namely:

The growing amount and diversity of data – Data explosion from IoT and other sources presents huge opportunity for companies, but the complexity can be overwhelming. Increasingly diverse formats and data locations such as Edge to Cloud, means most organisations find that no single infrastructure can address all their data requirements, so they deploy multiple architectures, creating silos of IT resources that are managed and consumed independently.

New demands for operational simplicity – At the same time, public cloud has raised the bar for business agility, and IT organisations are now expected to provide the same levels of operational and economic flexibility in their on-premise solutions.

Providing future-proof infrastructure that accelerates digital transformation, and with its on-going development, Dell Technologies’ PowerStore is the most revolutionary storage platform of the last decade.

“As the model for storage has traditionally followed a three-tiered approach, namely separate storage, servers, and networking, this does not suit the modern workforce and leaves room for error, the possibility of over-purchasing or worse, an under-specced solution”, says Allan Prinsloo – Dell ISG Business Development Manager at Pinnacle.

Hyperconverged and Cloud storage are simplified solutions in which your server, storage and networking join together in one box, providing a “pay-for-what-you-need” solution. Some technologies even allow for “hyperconverged clouds” which provide simple administration, governance, and cost control for multi-cloud environments. The storage landscape and technology are evolving so rapidly that today’s technology can seem antiquated as soon as it hits the market.

With Dell’s PowerStore, the award-winning storage appliance provides a solution that is adaptable to both traditional and modern workloads with Dell working around the clock to steadily advance their already-disruptive technology to the next level. Setting themselves apart, Dell’s PowerStore offering provides greater enterprise capabilities, advanced intelligence, and a new cost-effective entry point making this solution accessible to SMEs. Representing Dell EMC’s Midrange.Next consolidation strategy, the PowerStore revolutionises storage architecture by combining the advantages of top of the range storage solutions with the ability to run virtualised workloads directly on the appliance thanks to the new AppsON capability.

When it comes to storage, converged, hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined storage, PowerStore makes it easier for companies to scale their hardware. Technologies such as compression, deduplication and tiering can reduce the amount of space and the costs associated with big data storage.

Fundamentally, the role of PowerStore is to bring the simplicity of public cloud to on-premises infrastructure, by streamlining operations with an integrated machine-learning engine and seamless automation. It also offers predictive analytics to easily monitor, analyse, and troubleshoot the environment.”

The ground-breaking PowerStore family of all-flash data storage appliances eliminates traditional trade-offs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency, with a data-centric, intelligent and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilises both traditional and modern workloads,

The PowerStore 500 specifically targets smaller organisations as it is offered at a significantly lower cost, while still providing modern and flexible storage. As with the other models in the PowerStore family, the PowerStore 500 provides excellent high-performance capacity at 1.2PB effective capacity in the 2U base chassis, more than enough storage for your typical SMB.

“When looking for a long-term storage solution, you want to look for something that can be utilised across various industries. Whether it be retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or education, the PowerStore 500 has the ability to adapt its capabilities to suit industry needs,” states Prinsloo.

The PowerStore solution offers scalable, unified design, automation and simplified intelligence, a flexible architecture that can connect to a current infrastructure, for a true hybrid cloud experience.

Designed for today’s data era, let Pinnacle ICT and Dell Technologies give you the power over your storage with PowerStore.

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