Even Flow Distribution is proud to announce that it has been appointed as a distributor in Africa for Ubiquiti, manufacturers of wireless data communication products for enterprise and wireless broadband providers, with a primary focus on under-served and emerging markets.

This partnership will provide partners with access to the full range of world-class Ubiquiti Networks solutions and products. Director of Even Flow Distribution Adrian Bush says the company is expanding its networking division, with the addition of Ubiquiti to its portfolio of leading global vendors.

“Even Flow’s vast experience in the product category, and our position as a subsidiary of Epsidon Technology Distribution, makes us ideally suited to expand the Ubiquiti brand throughout South Africa and the rest of the African continent,” says Bush.

“Ubiquiti has traditionally been strong in the wireless ISP space and within mid-tier SIs,” he adds. “There is, however, growing demand for the company’s UniFi Enterprise System due to its scalability and performance, coupled with a unique cloud controller that is built into the solution.

“This control system enables SIs to easily offer their end-customers cloud as a service, because it makes it much easier to deploy and manage solutions centrally, rather than needing to manage devices individually at the client site.” Bush further notes that Even Flow is always looking to add more value for partners by enabling them to better sell the solutions Even Flow offers.

“To this end, we offer a wide range of complementary services, including initial training, upskilling related to the entire product suite, pre-sales scoping of the project, after sales support and even provide input as to how such projects can be financed, rolled out and deployed. For us, it is all about offering as much assistance to our customers as possible.”

Hitting the sweet spot

Zack Powell, channel manager for Ubiquiti Networks, says the company’s UniFi Enterprise System delivers a solution that perfectly hits the so-called ‘sweet spot’.

“UniFi delivers a breakthrough combination of performance, reliability, and scalability, along with top performance/price value. Intuitive management software, featuring a graphical user interface, is bundled with the UniFi hardware at no extra cost, including no licensing fees or support expenses,” Powell says.

Says Bush: “For us, their flexibility and agility is key, along with their focus on significantly better price points. When this is coupled with the company’s investment into, knowledge of and skills around its solutions, it’s no wonder they have achieved global success. I believe the same success awaits them in Africa, as clients are aware that any products they purchase are not only tried and tested in other markets, but are also sold at a price point that is well-suited to emerging markets.”

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