Informal economy: Tech, partnerships drive financial inclusion

Despite positive advances in financial inclusion on the continent, 95% of all consumer payments in Africa are still made in cash, writes Mark Elliott, Division President of Mastercard Southern Africa. Why is this such a bad thing? For the people and microentrepreneurs...

Cashless payments on the rise in SA

There is more to the future of financial services than making current products and services more digital - it's about giving people financial information, the ability to transact instantly and securely but most importantly, giving them choice

Fintech: The rise of the digital bank

We are seeing the transformation of banking, and those companies that can master new digital capabilities will not only be the leaders, but the only survivors...

Opinion: Why accountants need a tech qualification

Cloud computing and mobile technology has revolutionised the accounting industry - without it, it will be impossible to embrace AI because as it's only way to access the volumes of information AI and machine learning need to be effective.

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