Fujitsu is transforming itself from a pure infrastructure provider to a services-led organisation.

Key to the new direction is an increased focus on artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 5G and cloud computing.

Kathy Gibson got all the details at Fujitsu Forum 2019 in Munich.


A new direction for Fujitsu

Fujitsu has shaken up its management structures as part of its journey to becoming a digital transformation company.

Part of the company shake-up is an attempt to get closer to its customers, says Paul Patterson, head of northern and western Europe at Fujitsu.

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Partnering to deliver on the AI dream

For the last year, Fujitsu has been driving human-centric AI that is helpful to both companies and societies as a whole.

The new generation of artificial intelligence solutions that drive human-centric computing are power-hungry and require tremendous compute, storage and networking resources.

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Fujitsu Labs focuses research on quantum, AI

As Fujitsu builds a new business model and strategic directions, Fujitsu Laboratories has shifted its focus to bring new technologies in quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to market.

The company aims to follow a new business model as it switches to being a services and solutions company. “This means Fujitsu will change from being an IT company, to a digital transformation company,” says Hirotaka Hara, CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories.

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Fujitsu, Ericsson accelerate wireless connectivity

Fujitsu and Ericsson are joining forces to help realize the full value of Industry 4.0, with a major new initiative to create and accelerate wireless cellular connectivity solutions for the manufacturing sector.

The two companies have signed a global memorandum of understanding (MoU) to leverage Ericsson’s wireless connectivity expertise in combination with Fujitsu’s expertise in system integration, digitalised services and digitalization of manufacturing production processes.

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What’s holding AI back?

There has been a lot of hype about artificial intelligence (AI), but its uptake in enterprise organisations has not been as high as expected.

Just 42% of companies are adopting AI, according to an independent survey by Fujitsu.

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Blockchain adds trust to rice trading platform

Fujitsu and Rice Exchange have debuted the world’s first global blockchain-based rice trading platform, offering new levels of security, transparency, efficiency, traceability and trust to the $450-billion global rice market.

Ricex is the first digital platform designed for buying and selling rice, one of the world’s largest agricultural commodities.

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Trust is key in digital transformation

Trust is key to relationships. It takes years to build up, but can be lost in an instant.

To build successful businesses, trust is vital – which is why it’s the theme for this year’s Fujitsu Forum.

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Sizwe does SA proud in Fujitsu Select Awards

South Africa’s Sizwe Africa IT Group has won a global Fujitsu channel award.

The company was named Best Partner Focus Portfolio Countries 2019 in a closely contested competition that saw Elbex Technologies scoop the top spot.

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Towards a more mobile future …

Fujitsu, Autonomic and Ford recently announced a partnership to bring advanced mobility services to the global automobile sector.

With millions of vehicles already connected in North America, Autonomic is now partnering with Fujitsu to expand cloud mobility services to new regions to further develop the concepts of ride sharing, fleet management and autonomous car routing services.

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Workplace transformation a catalyst for digital success

A massive 83% of companies have transformed their workforces in the last three years, almost half of them having experienced massive transformation.

In fact, workforce transformation is becoming business as usual now, becoming a constant that is closely aligned to digital transformation.

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Fujitsu’s Infrastructure Manager paves the way to software-defined data centre

Fujitsu is standardising on Infrastructure Manager (ISM) as the standard for monitoring and managing entire IT landscapes, taking a step towards the software-defined data center.

ISM provides seamless, holistic management ensuring that IT infrastructures retain the dynamic flexibility required to support ever-changing business demands.

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Fujitsu delivers next-generation storage performance

Fujitsu has announced its extended line-up of Eternus AF S3 all-flash arrays and Eternus DX S5 hybrid storage systems.

Designed to support the new paradigms of digitalization, this new generation of storage systems is performance-optimized to easily manage the immense data growth, always-on applications and complex workloads of the digital age, while offering the greatest storage efficiency to keep costs at a minimum.

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Digital issues that impact our humanity

The digital revolution will remain a pipe dream as long as we don’t achieve digital democracy.

This is one of the key messages delivered by Andreas Ekström, writer, TED speaker and futurist with the Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan.

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A quantum leap for digital annealing

The era of quantum and quantum-inspired computing will open up new opportunities that we probably don’t fully recognise today.

New levels of optimisation are already having a massive impact on a number of workloads and industries, says Joseph Reger, Fujitsu Fellow and chief technology officer at Fujitsu.

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The rapid move to cognitive automation

Robotics has evolved tremendously over the last few years – and cognition is now giving them additional capacity.
“We are seeing this over all types of automation,” says James Dening, vice-president and digital worker evangelist at Automation Anywhere.

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Fujitsu delivers refreshed Primergy mono-socket servers

Fujitsu’s refreshed portfolio of entry-level Primergy servers are designed to enhance and future-proof workload performance for small and medium-sized businesses, and feature the latest processors and more memory capacity.

This makes upgraded mono-socket Primergy servers a cost-effective on-premises alternative to the cloud, especially for office tasks such as powering shared databases – and for use at the network edge, where latency and bandwidth prove to be a challenge for cloud environments.

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