Maintenance tips from Frank Rovelli, Probe

We know car batteries contain chemicals such as sulphuric acid and have to be carefully dealt with, especially when they die. The green thing to do is to squeeze as much life out of them as possible and decrease the overall amount of batteries that you are going to need in your lifetime.  But how do you do this?

Probe is South Africa’s largest importer of automotive batteries, with over fifty years of experience. Probe CEO, Frank Rovelli, has some handy tips for optimal battery management:

  1. Park in a garage: A thoroughly insulated garage will keep your battery warm in cold or damp weather.  However, we do not recommend specifically heating your garage in order keep your battery warm, as this has been linked to car rust issues.
  2. Insulate in winter: If you don’t have an insulated garage, you can alwaysinsulate the battery. A battery warmer can keep your battery insulated and warm throughout the cold winter months. This will help to prevent the battery fluid from freezing over. It’s a cheap way to protect the battery.
  3. Clean your battery: It is surprisingly easy to clean a battery. When the engine is off, remove the clamps and clean away grease, dirt and oxidation. A filthy battery connection will weaken the charge.
  4. Secure the battery: If your battery is jiggling around, it could tip over. A loose battery hitting other parts of your engine will negatively affect your battery’s life. Battery acid spilling all over your motor is also not ideal. We advise that you keep the battery tray clean and make sure the battery sits correctly. The best way to make sure that your battery is fitted correctly would be to take it to Probe Network Dealer.
  5. Recharge it with the sun: You can purchase an inexpensive solar charger for your car battery. The charger refills your battery’s charge with solar energy. You place it on your dashboard and plug it into an accessory socket. If you are going to leave it sitting for extended times you should also purchase a charge controller that monitors your battery to prevent over-charging. Just as with a hybrid battery, overcharging your starter battery will damage it.
  6. Add distilled water: If you’re stretching the life of a conventional battery, you may have to add some water to it.If you have a Probe battery, all our batteries are maintenance-free, as they are permanently sealed and never need water. If you do not have a maintenance-free battery, then you must regularly fill it with water.
  7. Go maintenance-free!  It’s worth getting a sealed battery that does not require any maintenance.  This can offer extended battery life. Look out for a high performance battery, such as the Probe Extreme Battery range, which offers increased grid strength and internal plate supports making it vibration resistant, extremely durable and robust.

The most common question we get from motorists is, “How often should I replace my car battery?” On average, a battery can last up to three years, but it all depends on your driving conditions, habits and the weather. These tips will help to prolong its life in any instance. Also, take the time to do regular checks. This will not only prolong a car’s battery life, but also help avoid disappointments. We added a useful state-of-charge indicator (Magic Eye) to our batteries which allows you to easily check the power status of your battery.

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