In an exclusive interview with, Heimdal Security Chief Executive Officer Morten Kjaersgaard has stated that cybercrime is now a profession. He pointed out that in the next year, cybercrime will be a major trend in the online security sector.

He noted that cyber attackers are all about understanding their targets giving room to monitoring developments around the sector. According to Kjaersgaard: β€œAt the moment, we know that cybercrime is already professionalised, as we anticipated a few years ago it would be – now they are in the fine-tuning game, so we tracking what the developments are in that area.

During the interview, the CEO also revealed how the coronavirus pandemic positively impacted the firm. He noted that the demand simplified remote management of the device has been high.

With regular changes in cybersecurity laws, the officer explained how his firm has positioned itself to adapt to the changing environment. At the same time, Kjaersgaard stressed the importance of having cybersecurity integrated into the mainstream education curriculum.

With the complex cybersecurity sector, the officer explained the role of customers and businesses in making the subjects much simpler for easier understanding. Furthermore, the officer pointed out the most threatening cyberattack trends in the modern world.

Heimdal Security is a cybersecurity firm that focuses on safeguarding critical users and businesses’ information intellectual property like safe. The company also offers

Cybersecurity education through free online courses and resources.

The full interview can be read here:

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