The IT issues facing small businesses (SBs) are no less challenging than those facing an enterprise, yet as an industry IT continues to complicate the sales pitch and oversell technology solutions to SMEs, a market craving innovation. It is with this in mind that Westcon-Comstor has launched an all new SB portal, designed to assist Cisco resellers to home in on the needs of the SB customer and provide fit for purpose solutions that meet their needs.

A long-standing global distributor of Cisco solutions, Westcon-Comstor has always led with the value-add it brings to its resellers. This value extends beyond the box, and includes global logistics, specialised services and training, technical pre- and post-sales support and a host of digital logistics tools – which now includes its Cisco Comstor Small Business Portal.

“The SB customer has the same needs as an enterprise customer. They want to accelerate to the cloud, take advantage of collaboration tools, leverage digital transformation, ensure their staff are mobile first and secure, but don’t have the big budgets often needed to meet these lofty business goals,” stated Louise Taute, Comstor Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa.

“Our vendor partner Cisco has a range of solutions to meet all of these business goals, and now with our Small Business Portal we are putting all of this information in a centralised environment for resellers. Partners can tap into this information and resources, earn rewards and be incentivised for using the system. Just another reason that partnering with Westcon-Comstor makes good business sense,” she added.

No bloated price tags, unnecessary features

Cisco’s portfolio of SB solutions is extensive, and unlike other solutions that come with bloated price tags and unnecessary features irrelevant to SBs, it speaks exactly to their networking, wireless, security, video conferencing and collaboration, mobility and digital transformation goals.

With the Cisco Comstor Small Business Portal, resellers not only get full visibility of all of Cisco’s SB solutions but also have the knowledge and support of one of its biggest distributors in the region to fall back on. The portal offers a knowledge base and insights into how to sell SB solutions and most importantly pairs up partners with qualified leads generated from its end-user portal.

“Our team has some of the most extensive Cisco skills on the continent and it is through tools like our new portal, that local resellers wanting to deliver on SB solutions can leverage these skills to deliver better solutions across the board,” ended Taute.

For more information and to register on its portal click here.

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