The past months have demonstrated how important the healthcare, finance, and logistics industries are to the world – and the critical role technology plays in ensuring organisations operate, learn and adapt.

InterSystems offers key insights into how organisations can reconfigure themselves and meet the world head-on at its free-to-attend InterSystems Virtual Summit, Innovations in Data, from 26 to 29 October 2021.

Henry Adams, country manager: South Africa at InterSystems, explains that digital transformation is driving how organisations across the board are mapping their future and how data is central to its success.

“Technology solutions like cloud computing, digital twins, advanced analytics and operational interoperability are all key to achieving companies’ future-proofing goals.”

Focus areas at the InterSystems Virtual Summit will include:

  • The essential role of healthy data in enabling better insights;
  • How a smart data fabric, enabled by a powerful data platform, can provide greater enterprise wide visibility;
  • Cloud-based, smart data services;
  • Use cases on forward-thinking organisations who are getting value from data using analytics; and
  • How InterSystems technologies can increase performance, optimise cloud strategy, and leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, performance, and resource use.

Delegates can join industry thought leaders for keynote presentations and also get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the technology through experience labs and focus sessions.

South African delegates are expected to find particular value in the focus sessions on data platforms, which offer a concise oversight into how targeting analytics and cloud computing can help their businesses to become more resilient and adaptive.

Among the deep-dive sessions will be use case studies on financial services organisations have leveraged adaptive analytics to improve their businesses. Machine learning (ML) is becoming mainstream, and there will be an update on how InterSystems integrated ML is being used in the field.

The implementation of digital twins and the development of a data fabric can help organisations use analytics as a strategic change driver, and delegates will learn how they can use these concepts to renew their business and stay ahead of their competitors.

Cloud computing is a top-on-mind for CIOs, and they will have the chance to learn how to use DevOps to deliver value in the cloud quickly and reliably. InterSystems solutions in AWS will also come under the spotlight.

Healthcare and the role that IT plays in delivering health services has become a critical conversation in the world today. At the InterSystems Virtual Summit, industry experts will share insights into the future of healthcare interoperability, what it is and how the industry can use it effectively.

“Those organisations that have thrived over this period of business and economic uncertainty have done so because they made data front and centre of every technology investment. Modern businesses don’t add data management and analytics as an afterthought, they embed it in every application they build and system they deploy. At this year’s Virtual Summit our customers and partners will be showcasing how they have thrived by using healthy data, powerful analytics and a smart data fabric to change and reshape the fate of their business,” says Adams.

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