What if your retirement was an escape into luxury, a worthy reward for years of hard work, child rearing and the busy-ness of urban life? The innovative and independent property development company Noble Resorts has brought together spectacular site selections, ageless architecture and the best in health and wellness care in a progressive approach to retirement.

“From five-star hotel amenities and facilities to the meticulously presented, generous homes cradled by pristine beaches or mountain ranges, Noble Resorts has redefined retirement in South Africa,” says Noble Resorts CEO and developer Harry Pretorius.

“We have pioneered the transition from working life to retirement by creating ‘round the clock resort living to ensure later life is about good health, incredible experiences and luxury.”

Health and wellness as a daily practise

According to Global Wellness Summit’s Global Wellness Annual Trends Report The Future of Wellness 2022, seniors are the healthiest and most active they have ever been. They ‘don’t feel old’ and don’t want to be defined by it or socially segregated because of their age. In response to this global trend, Noble Resorts has pioneered health and wellness and entertainment spaces within its retirement resorts to encourage an engaged and active lifestyle.

Says Pretorius: “Guided by current best practise in health and wellness programmes from around the globe, Noble Resorts gives residents access to a fully-equipped gym and indoor pool, outdoor pools, a golf simulation room as well as guided exercise classes such as Qigong, Pilates and yoga on site. There is also a luxury spa offering hydro and heat therapies, along with a selection of skin care and body treatments. Each resident will also have access to a dedicated nutritionist, as well as our restaurant chefs who will advise them on the best choices for their dietary requirements.

“Our unique WELL programme also encourages continued learning through a variety of master classes that incorporate current affairs , cookery, wine tasting, along with visits to art galleries, guided hikes and sporting events to name but a few,” he notes, adding that there is even an art studio for creative residents to follow their passion.

“It’s all about integrative wellness programmes and a proactive approach to ‘being’ Pretorius asserts, “We have made these platforms accessible and available to our residents to live healthier, fulfilled lives.

“That being said, we also have comprehensive medical facilities onsite to ensure the least disruption in our residents’ lives should they require assistance. A state-of-the-art Memory Care Unit, Assisted Living Units and onsite clinic means our residents have peace of mind that their medical needs will be well taken care of.”

What residents and investors can expect

In designing a reframed retirement that encourages comfort and security as residents’ age, Noble appointed hotelier Roy Davies as Operations Director, with years of experience in running luxury hotels and resorts.

“At our estates, every detail has been carefully composed to provide a lifestyle of seamless enjoyment of environment, nutrition and activities,” says Davies.

“Just as an all-inclusive holiday resort creates a sense of luxury and relaxation, so Noble’s focus on putting ease of living and access to every amenity a resident could need in reach, our aim is to provide ‘retirement renewed’ for those close to or already in retirement.”

Unique home exchange offering

In another innovative opportunity, Noble Resorts’ home-transferring and home-exchange programme allows owners and residents to experience the company’s other distinctive resorts while still enjoying the same luxury, security, world-class amenities and access to medical care that you would in your own home.

The property collection includes several resorts in different locations, all managed by the Noble Resorts team, with consistent medical care by healthcare provider Medwell SA, according to Pretorius.

“With similar design and amenities across all resorts, residents and homeowners have access to an online, members-only reservation system. All levies structures and set-ups are alike and members’ monthly food and beverage levy is accepted at all restaurants across all our properties.”

“In this unique offering, the home exchange option offers flexibility on a short, medium and long term basis; where members can explore new surroundings without giving up any of the service offerings and engagement they have access to at home,” Pretorius adds.

From choosing the environment and architectural style of every resort, to curating the world-class offerings across the Noble Resorts’ stable of properties, richness in experiences that serve to enhance resident’s daily lives is the cornerstone of a lifestyle unmatched.

“There really is something special for every lifestyle choice,” says Pretorius. “Far from segregating people in their later years, Noble Resorts celebrates graceful, engaged retirement living by making healthy choices available on-site for all residents. This is truly retirement redefined for the discerning homeowner.”

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