Deactivating your social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook, may be required for a variety of reasons: An unstable political situation; the risk of being stalked; wanting to protect your personal data; or even a change in company name. Some want to shut down accounts for the time-saving aspect.

One of the main reasons for people who want to leave a social media platform – but hang around anyway – is that they don’t want to lose their digital memories, such as photos, when moving on.

Whatever the reason, Twitter users need a clear mechanism to deactivate an account, as abandoning it could leave it vulnerable to hacking. Kaspersky recommends that users follow these steps to deactivate the Twitter profile, but keep the memories:

* Go to and log in to your account.

* Click on your profile avatar in the top right corner, and in the drop-down menu select ‘Settings and Privacy’.

* From the menu on the left, select ‘Account’; scroll down, and click the ‘Request Your Archive’ button, which you’ll find in ‘Your Tweet archive’.

A ZIP archive will then be created and sent to your e-mail address. It will include a list of tweets sorted by month, as well as a graph of the user’s Twitter activity.

When you call time on your Tweets, you don’t have to give up your memories.

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