It is no secret that ‘going Green’ is a growing trend with many positive effects. However, how do you know when green really means green? There are many products and energy saving ‘tips’ that don’t actually benefit a green environment all that much.

“It is pivotal to do your homework. Make sure that the products you are buying are made of products that, once broken down, create organic nutrients that can be released safely back into the environment. There are many different easy ways that everyone can adjust their daily lives in order to live a greener lifestyle,” says John J Coetzee, CEO at Green Worx Cleaning Solutions.

How? Consider finding ways to save energy and water. Cutting back on when you use hot water and how much of that water you use are both very productive ways of living green with a direct positive impact on nature and energy conservation. Cut one minute off of your shower each day or fill the bath tub just a little less. Another way of cutting water is to ensure that the cleaning products you use meet the Green Star Eco Profile. This, in turn, will bolster business’ Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) rating making them cleaner, greener and smarter.

These products do not require you to use hot water and yet you get a clean result that is just as good, if not better, than what you can achieve with chemical cleaning products. These green products also use less water as they “work better, faster, and the enzymes are active for longer. With these products little or no rinsing is required,” explains Coetzee.

Another way to make sure you are living your best green life is to ensure that the products you are buying are not tested on animals. No product is truly green if creatures were harmed in the development or manufacturing of the products. Products should also not contain any harsh chemicals that could be damaging to animals, as well as to humans, in any way.

According to a study done by Annie Mckee on the cleaning products used in hospitals, it was found that 80 percent of janitors considered their work not just a job but a calling with true worth – as they are cleaning and sterilising the environment where people came to heal. How they took care to fully invest their energy into this calling was to take pride in only using products that were completely safe and beneficial in sterilising the sensitive environment that they worked in. Taking pride in a clean and sterile environment promotes health and happiness.

Using these products offer extreme benefits to the environment as well, resulting in healthier surroundings, as there is no chemical run off into the water systems or air pollution through volatile organic compounds (VOCs). “The key benefits are that harmful chemical compounds are not released into the atmosphere or into our water systems, and workers, families and pets are not exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals. Make sure what you are using is truly green – the benefits will be self-evident,” concludes Coetzee.

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