No HR and payroll solution is complete without a comprehensive legislation and compliance advisory service, says CRS Technologies General Manager Ian McAlister.

“Tax authorities are becoming more meticulous than ever before, and legislative compliance is critical to the growth and success of any business,” he says.

“Companies that invest in an HR and payroll solution which does not include a legislation, compliance and tax advisory service run the risk of incurring harsh penalties when it comes to tax returns or any other regulatory submissions. For example, the cost of non-compliance with South Africa’s employment equity legislation starts at R1.5 million.”

CRS’s advisory service is specifically geared to helping business add value while minimising risk.

“CRS has a deep understanding of the inherent complexities of labour, tax and related frameworks, not only in South Africa, but also other African countries and the Middle East,” McAlister explains. “Our centre of expertise comprises a highly respected team of consultants who oversee statutory compliance, unravel the jargon and keep decision-makers informed and protected on an up-to-the minute basis.”

This includes:

  • Statutory deductions
  • Social security
  • Levies
  • Employee entitlements (leave, bonuses, allowances)
  • Statutory returns
  • Fringe benefit tax
  • Income tax
  • Advice on labour legislation, contracts, policies and procedures, unions and dismissals
  • HR and payroll audits
  • HR and payroll country fact sheets and requirements

Additionally, CRS offers a tax advisory service to its HR and payroll clients, through its partnership with Tax Debt Compliance, an experienced SARS negotiation team.

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