It comes down to digital transformation, MPS and devices, writes Carro Ford, content marketing strategist at Xerox.

There’s an opportunity to fire your business up to the next level, but it’s really not a choice. If you don’t innovate the way you work and connect, you risk being left behind, and that includes being abandoned by customers and business partners.

You may also drag down teams of knowledge workers and support staff who use documents day in and day out to drive the business and support customers.Digital Transformation (DX) is not going away, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

In the digital workplace, it involves real things like workflow automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and guess what? So do the latest intelligent multifunction printers for the office.

Today, digital printers and multifunction devices perform at the intersection of analogue and digital and tie into the processes that work teams and organisations use to produce, share and communicate information.In the hands of a strategic MPS vendor, devices become conduits for automated workflow, productivity, operational efficiency, information security and more.

If DX is on your priority list or at least on your radar, you can look to your MPS partner to guide you along the DX journey.

Mobility-driven DX

Your digitally enabled workforce might be mobile and customer-facing, or they might work with sensitive information outside the cubicle. Wherever employees go and whatever they do, digital devices, including intelligent MFPs, are part of the new digital workplace and the DX shaping it.The untethered, digital worker can take along the documents needed to do the work. They just don’t have to print and carry them.

Just “DX” it

DX has contributed to the expanded accessibility and flow of information, and MFPs have kept up. The latest intelligent multifunction printer lets users tap, swipe and pinch their way through tasks and functions with mobile-like ease.

Work from anywhere when mobility has been baked into device design:

* Print from all your devices without complexity* Securely print when you’re away from the office

* Connect to cloud services to quickly access information

Smartphones, tablets and multifunction printers

Don’t assume DX is just about tablets and smartphones. Multifunction device technology also matters to the digitally transformed workplace, because it impacts the productivity of business teams. Less-equipped devices can be obstacles to digital workflow.

DX enabled through managed print and document services drives greater productivity into your devices, workflow and day-to-day work.Today’s imaging systems have been re-thought, re-designed and re-created as modern participants in DX.

Multifunction peripherals belong to the Internet of Things, putting them at the forefront of all things digital. With MPS and MFPs, you tap the potential of DX faster to achieve new levels of productivity. Employees work the way they prefer — from any device — with maximum security and easy connectivity to and from both cloud and network-based locations. Making customers, employees and shareholders happy and rewarded is an outcome worth pursuing through DX combined with Managed Print and Document Services. If your organisation has fleets of connected devices, learn more about their DX-fueling capabilities.

* This article was first published on the Xerox Blog, Enterprise Matters.

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