Company-wide cybersecurity can only be achieved through a combination of technology tools and security-conscious user behaviour. There are hundreds of tools available on the market that address the technology aspect of security, but way fewer that attempt to manage the user – and arguably just one that ties this into a company-wide ecosystem.

MyCyberCare has launched a user training solution that helps companies to keep their employees sensitised and up to speed on cyber-threats, and how to manage them. Simon Campbell Young, MD of MyCyberCare, explains that MyCyber Training rounds out the company’s full-service offering by providing training to employees.

“We have launched a training platform – available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese – that ensures ongoing training and behavioural change, security sensitising and monitoring.”

The platform can be customised to each customer’s requirements, and becomes a personalised service that talks to users and adapts to their needs.

The base offering is a series of animated training videos that users can watch at their own pace. None of these videos is more than one minute, Campbell Young adds. They are designed to be impactful and informative so any user can understand and learn the messaging.

The platform tracks which videos users have seen, as well as whether they finished watching or rewatched them. Because it is a fully customised and regulated platforms, reports on how many videos users watched are produced and shared.

“We’ve gone further than just giving users information and assuming they have learnt it,” Campbell Young says. “The platform will periodically ‘test’ users with things like phishing mails or unsafe links. If they ‘fail’ the test, it will reinforce the lesson with more information and make sure the user sees the relevant videos again.

“The platform can even monitor the user’s behaviour and determine where they would benefit from addition training or reminders. It is effective because it not only talks to the user it scans their profile for unsafe behaviour, helping them to become cybersecurity-aware. It is very proactive: watching, teaching, helping all the time.

“In this way, managers can be sure that users are not simply attending training without necessarily learning anything, but they are being properly sensitised to the security messaging and internalising it to truly change behaviours to become more secure overall.”

Importantly, all of the MyCyber Training features are automated, so it’s easy to install, use, monitor and manage.

MyCyberCare is part of the Cyber Security South Africa group, with the same shareholders. MyCyber Training is going to be a big part of the business, Campbell Young believes. “It completes the offering: we now have our security software on the front end in the form of applications like McAfee or BitDefender.

“In the middle layer we have the MyCyber DNA that runs 24/7 checking that the user’s applications and data are not compromised. If everything else fails, we have the MyCyberCare insurance product that pays the user out if he does suffer a loss.

“With MyCyber Training, we now have training in the bag as well.”

MyCyber Training is available as a standalone product to the channel, and Campbell Young believes it offers partners a fresh value proposition to take to market.

The solution is available in the cloud and subscription-based, so resellers will simply buy subscriptions from MyCyberCare and onsell them to end user customers. Each subscription gives access to the platform and all the available training modules a business may require.

Partners can also add value to customers by helping them to tailor the solution suite to their own requirements.

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