Diversified mining house Anglo American has always relied on the latest technology to locate new resources, plan and build new mining operations, and process and market its products around the world. It is for this reason that the commodities giant has cited Passport 360 as “a real game changer” in its business across the world.

“Not only has Passport 360 slashed onboarding time for our contractors, it has also made the ongoing management far easier and less time-consuming,” says Anglo American safety, health and environmental (SHE) Manager Craig Mitrovich. “This allows our safety officers to focus more on safety on-site, and a lot less on paper management.”

He notes: “We have had very positive feedback from the majority of our contractors, with a number also starting to use the system to manage their projects and sub-contractors.” Prior to the adoption of Passport 360, Anglo American managed its safety and quality entirely on paper and contractors experienced frustration with the onboarding process, which often caused delays and inefficiencies.

Since implementing the Passport 360 solution a couple of years ago, the Anglo American head office has been able to implement a system to manage project compliance and individual contracting employees.

Recent developments have allowed contracting companies to book individuals on the system for training as required by Anglo American, which can be tracked using the LMS system. “We have engaged with a number of service providers to determine the value-add they have experienced, which has ranged from being easy-to-use to online compliance management and saving on printing costs,” Mitrovich says.

“After Passport 360 was implemented, turnaround time for contractor onboarding was reduced, with a significant saving in both costs and time as a result,” Passport 360 director and co-founder Siobahn Whitehead notes. “This is a clear testament to how major multinationals such as Anglo American can reap the maximum benefit from our complete solution.”

Passport 360 is a cloud-based platform to enhance performance in procurement and onboarding times. It allows for improved visibility with regard to compliance, time and safety, and risk management, resulting in increased productivity. This ensures a safer and more productive workplace, while simplified and accessible systems allow for greater participation by all stakeholders.

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