The era of cloud-to-core-to-edge has arrived. To stay competitive in the digital age, organisations must modernise their compute, infrastructure and application environments.

Kathy Gibson found out more at the Dell Technologies Forum.


The time to make the digitalisation journey is now

Technology is changing the world – and organisations need to make the digital transformation journey that embraces IT, workplace, security and application transformation.

This is the word from Patricia Florissi, president: global sales and customer operations at Dell Technologies, who points out that technology has already dramatically changed lives across the globe.

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Ensure tech makes a social, economic impact

In South Africa we are talking about transformation at so many levels.

And technology companies can’t just be concerned about tech – they have to make a mark in social and economic transformation as well, says Doug Woolley, GM: South Africa of Dell EMC.

“It’s through our passion and involvement that we will be able to accelerate skills in this country, and set up our children for the future,” he says.

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Microsoft, VMware collaborate for multi-cloud

A number of hyperscale cloud providers have opened data centres in South Africa, and the journey to the cloud is on.

That is the word from Doug Woolley, GM: South Africa at Dell EMC, announcing that Microsoft and VMware will collaborate on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud operations.

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Software will power the digital future

Companies need to differentiate their digital experience through software development.

“When it comes to experiences, understand you can’t buy them off the shelf: you have to create them with software,” says Greg McDonald, sales engineering director at Dell EMC.

Innovation is vital to drive revenue with new products and business models, he adds. “We have great skills in this country: and we need to create an innovation cycle.”

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Hyperconvergence enables modern infrastructure

The changing needs of workloads are driving cloud strategies.

Companies need to modernise their existing workloads, which means optimising them to use modern infrastructures, says Ian Flanagan, senior systems engineer at Dell Technologies.

To utilise hybrid infrastructure, organisations realise they have to shift a portion of the multi-tier workload to public cloud.

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Workplace transformation key for success

Technology should be there to help people work.

“So we think the people using software should be treated like first-class citizens,” says Terry Elkington, VMware sales engineer. “It is very frustrating for customers or employees if they can’t get to their applications.”

Organisations want to deploy as many devices as they can, but it takes almost seven day to deploy most devices. As a result 53% of IT leaders are struggling to keep up with the increasing diversity of devices. And up to 25% of administrators time is spent on monitoring and troubleshooting these devices.

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Infrastructure as code to help achieve business imperatives

Businesses today are struggling to balance a need to increase profitability while rolling out new customer experiences and innovative services to maximise competitive advantage.

IT has to enable this and, to do so, has to become a profit centre, says Ian Jansen van Rensburg, lead technologist at VMware.

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