Bread, milk and eggs. These are some of the first things we pop into our trollies on a trip to the supermarket. But for how much longer? The creeping prices of our favourite food staples have had us questioning just how badly we need to fulfil those ice cream and chocolate cravings after all, not to mention quizzing the cashier, “R80 for 60 eggs? Really? No, are you sure?”. But for some strange reason, we’re all reaching into our pockets with a smile to spend R90 on a gig of WiFi data, now available at most supermarkets. Here’s why…

Keeping in touch
Staying connected has never been more important than it is today. The hordes of hipsters, briefcase and tie types, and even the average Joes that flock to free WiFi Hotspots around the city are a testament to that. Without an Internet connection we can’t access our student portals, send work emails, update our Facebook statuses or do just about anything useful beyond kicking butt at a game of solitaire (it’s so much better online anyway).

Staying plugged in to the pulse of our social generation is not a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity that’s starting to outrank our more trivial priorities and preferences. This is because cutting coffee creamer, at around R20 per 500g from your grocery bill and replacing items like sugary cereals, that will set you back around R20 more than basic porridge or oats, and 2 ply toilet paper which is about R10 more expensive than 1ply, could save you up to R50. Now you can choose to put that R50 you saved towards spoiling yourself with a burger, chips and coke from your favourite take-out joint or you can buy 500MB of WiFi data instead.

A deal’s a deal
Although we complain about having to spend more on something than we did last month – petrol prices, we’re looking at you – we can always stretch our cash a bit for a good steal. Think of those ‘2 for 1’ specials and bargain stickers that you wheel your way up and down the grocery store aisles hunting for. With prices ranging from R50 upwards, WiFi data plan options give consumers an opportunity to custom create a deal that suits them and their particular financial situation.

A world of possibilities
WiFi data does different things for different people, but its draw card is the one thing it can do for everyone – it can save them money. Education, shopping and entertainment are just some of the things that are cheaper online, and that’s before you even factor in the cost for transportation to do these things without an Internet connection. You can also use it to download and upgrade games and apps – using about 70MB on average – that will bring you hours of enjoyment.

Value for money
No matter who you are and how tight your budget is, everyone needs to treat themselves from time to time. For some people that means dropping R100 on a bottle of wine, while others would rather spend that buffalo to fill up their basket with some snacks and their favourite magazine. But every day, more and more people are opting to spend their spare cash on WiFi data that could last them days or even weeks! On the other hand, you can’t eat it, so you have a hard decision to make the next time you’ve got cash to burn on a spoil for yourself.

Did you know that with AlwaysOn, you can get 150MB of WiFi data for R15.00, 300MB for R28.00, 500MB for R50, 1GB for R90.00, or 2GB for R150.00? You can buy AlwaysOn WiFi Data at select retail stores, AlphaCell vending machines, the AlwaysOn website, from WeChat Wallet or via USSD. Go to for more details.

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