We are halfway into another pandemic year; it is evident that work styles adopted during the current period are here to stay. Whether working from home or with a gradual return to the office, many workers across the globe have learnt one thing – the urgent need for closer, more effective collaboration through digital means.

The hero solution is HUAWEI IdeaHub, a smart interactive whiteboard and screen that integrates many of today’s most important office productivity tools, is created with that need for enhanced collaboration in mind proudly brought to you by BCX.

With it, staff can meet in a room to quickly share concepts and discuss ideas and plans for a new work year, for example. They can also connect with colleagues across the world who are linked over the cloud, allowing for a meeting that is as close to “live” as one can get today.

Everything on the Huawei IdeaHub begins with a modern, user-centric design, because the device is aimed at allowing humans to better work together. The design features a large 65-inch or 86-inch 4K display that brings realism to a new level, enabling people to interact and share more convincingly.

To ensure that the collaboration is effective, the 4K screen offers smooth projection with its 60-frames-per-second and 4K H.265 video capabilities. This way, videos are clear and sharp.

The high-quality video capabilities here also enable a mouse to be pointed more accurately on screen to focus on a segment of a presentation or image, for example. This is a key difference from another large screens that may be less sharp and cannot show all the details that are important to a meeting.

Besides visuals, just as important in a meeting is the audio. For this, the IdeaHub delivers hi-fi-grade audio that will make the interaction as “live” as possible.

Huawei’s new collaboration device features a built-in microphone array that can pick up participants from as far as 8 metres away. It is capable of clear, crisp audio whenever each person in a room speaks up.

On top of this, the Huawei IdeaHub can smoothen out the common issues with meeting rooms, by cancelling acoustic echo and suppressing noise automatically. It also automatically enhances the voice of speakers so that each message comes across clearly.

Still on audio, a new technology called acoustic baffle enables meeting participants to define the sound pickup scope so they can eliminate the impact of ambient noise. In other words, this artificial intelligence-driven feature can create a personal conference space even if you are speaking in a large room.

How do all these features come together? Vickesh Dhookie, Huawei BU: Integrated Technology Solutions Sales executive at BCX, explains, “Is it difficult to set up the Huawei IdeaHub? The good news is that it supports smart projection, so content can be projected onto the screen either through a wired or wireless connection for convenience.”

If there is only one presenter, all he must do is plug his laptop or smart device into the screen. When someone else wishes to share the screen, say, from a remote site, he will receive a prompt to allow that.

Wireless projection is another big plus, especially when groups of executives meet to share their content. The IdeaHub enables up to 20 projector sources, so 20 people can easily switch between presentations as they connect wirelessly to the screen.

Of course, showing a video or presentation is just one part of a great meeting. Having the ability to easily interact with the content is key to delivering a compelling message.

For this, the Huawei IdeaHub offers “reverse control”, which means a user can control his PC from the screen as well. This way, he can simply double tap on the touchscreen and, say, edit a document in real time. He can also flip pages on a PowerPoint presentation by touching the screen itself.

The interactivity extends to enhanced whiteboard collaboration as well. With a built-in digital whiteboard that enables easy annotation, for example, the Huawei IdeaHub enables participants both at a meeting room or joining remotely to have control of the contents of the screen.

This way, a meeting becomes more interactive, with ideas shared more effectively and acted on instantly. So, no more waiting for follow-up e-mails and other less effective tools.

It helps that the screen comes with a natural handwriting experience as well. The 35-millisecond ultra-low latency offered by the Huawei IdeaHub means that a user can draw as easy as pen and paper.

With these groundbreaking features, the Huawei IdeaHub is ready to plug into the new work styles of the future, as workers begin to work more closely together in teams often spread out across the world.

To get a better understanding of how HUAWEI IdeaHub provides the perfect solution for organizations that wish to maximize staff productivity and collaboration without the expense and inconvenience of constantly bringing people together.

Find out how the Huawei IdeaHub can boost collaboration and for a consultant to be in contact with you visit https://ideahubsmart.co.za/


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