There’s no denying we live in a world were technology has become more integral to everything we do – at the touch of a button your flights could be booked, your food delivered, and even medical records could be accessed from around the globe.

While these technological advancements have made life a little (okay, a lot) easier, they can also be a big distraction and contribute to information overload, which results in digital and information fatigue. To assist with living more balanced lives, Shaun Durandt, General Manager Southern Africa at HMD Global – the home of Nokia phones – shares the top tools to promote digital wellness and cut back on the clutter.

“At HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, we believe technology should contribute to a life that just keeps getting better. Our phones are designed to provide tools that assist with the development of the individual and contribute to a sense of digital wellbeing,” says Durandt.

The best place to start to improve your overall digital wellbeing is understanding how you’re using your device. To give that much needed insight, simply set-up Digital Wellbeing on your Nokia device settings. This app will help you monitor your usage and allow you to actively set targets to spend your time where it matters the most.

Once you have outlined these usage patterns, couple those insights with the below tips and tricks to a more balanced life:

Create boundaries for yourself

It is important to start a winding down or winding up routine that does not involve being connected. Studies at the Harvard Medical School show that blue light wavelengths are beneficial for day time usage as they boost attention, reaction times and your mood, but this can be distributive at night as you need your brain to be less active for a full nights rest. So why not introduce tech-free mornings or nights? For instance, disconnect from the world an hour or two before you go to bed by creating a soothing, easy atmosphere or spend some time in bed to stretch, brush your teeth and make yourself a cup of coffee/tea without the distractions of the outside world.

Also ensure to find moments of escapism throughout your day to destress. Studies show that being outdoors, in nature, can improve attention, memory and concentration. So, while you may hesitate to take lunch away from your desk or pause the ever scrolling thumb – making time for a break, away from technology, could make you more productive the rest of the workday. And while you’re at it, why not elevate the experience by enjoying conversations with your friends and colleagues?

Take a breather

Sometimes, the simplest solution is to just take some time out. For instance, the Do Not Disturb feature is designed to silence all notifications on your smartphone including phone calls, for as long as you have it enabled. This is a great function to use when you need uninterrupted sleep or a few hours to work without constant distracting notifications.

Flip the switch

Why not turn the relationship you have with technology on its head? Rather than limiting your use to connectedness, use it to help you unwind, take a breather and disconnect. By simply downloading apps like Calm and other white noise playlists, which can be found on Google play music,  you drown out the noise while you work, set the scene for revitalising meditation at home or in nature.

“A host of our devices, including the Nokia 6.2 that we launched this month offers a Google Assistant function, which is perfect resource for finding additional tips and tricks to living a more mindful life,” concludes Durandt.

Now your next challenge is to find the balance between taking a moment to yourself, finding solitude in your connectedness, and popping in the earphones to destress. Share your experiences with us on our social pages.

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