We talk about digitalisation and the fourth industrial revolution, but how close is South Africa to making the move?

Kathy Gibson found out more at the launch of Syspro 8 in Johannesburg


SA moves to fourth industrial revolution

Small innovation can have a dramatic impact on industries.

This is the word from Arthur Goldstuck, MD of World Wide Worx, who cites the example of the US supermarket Piggly Wiggly, which pioneered self-service, shopping bags with handles and just in time inventory.

Of course, just in time (JIT) came into its own in the factory environment with Toyota’s production line system, which was later re-imported back into the US.

“This took 30 years,” says Goldstuck. “The difference today – and what defines the fourth industrial revolution – is the instant evolution of business models.”

In South Africa, the question on everyone’s lips is whether we are ready for this move.

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Syspro 8 positions manufacturing for the future

Syspro has launched its new ERP system addressing the challenges in manufacturing and distribution operation and positioning them for the fourth industrial revolution.

“Consider the diversity that exists in the manufacturing sector, the vast differences between Industrial Machinery & Equipment and Food and Beverage production for example. When it comes to business systems, clearly one-size does not fit-all,” explains Syspro’s chief product officer, Paulo de Matos.

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