MiX Telematics, in partnership with iSchoolAfrica, continues its commitment to empower teachers and learners with classroom practices and educational technology that assist learners to overcome some of their learning difficulties. MiX Telematics donated Apple iPads and other technology equipment to both the Vera School for learners with autism and the Alta du Toit school for learners with intellectual and physical difficulties.

“Our purpose at MiX Telematics is to move the world forward every day, by delivering meaningful information that helps our customers improve fleet efficiencies. Thereby creating safer roads and a cleaner planet. Through donating this technology for the benefit of the pupils and teachers at these schools, we want to help move them forward too,” says Catherine Lewis, Executive Vice President (Technology) at MiX Telematics.

The main goal of the iSchoolAfrica iPad learning programme is to empower teachers and students by providing them with iPads and advanced classroom practices where children would otherwise suffer the educational challenges typically faced in disadvantaged and under-resourced environments. In addition to helping them become digitally literate, the use of technology has increased motivation, enthusiasm and excitement around learning.

“The therapy apps help the learners with fine motor skills and coordination e.g. the pinch action.  The measurement activities especially when baking is a big favourite. My learners love having the iPad read stories to them. Students have also learnt how to take care of the technology by cleaning the iPads and keeping them charged,” says Marleze Ferreira, Educator at Alta du Toit Special School.

“Just as our customers use our technology to improve their operations, so too can technology be used to help learners acquire new skills. With the help of the dedicated teachers at these schools, we are looking forward to seeing the pupils embrace the change and improve their learning capabilities over time,” said Lewis.

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