Technology is not going to slow down any time soon. In fact, within a very short time shifts will be exponential rather than linear – and the companies that will survive with be those that have hard-coded certain traits into their corporate DNA. Kathy Gibson learnt how at the launch of Deloitte’s 2018 Tech Trends


Get ready for exponential digital shifts

Digital disruption is not going away for at least the next 15 years – and organisations need to gear up to ensure they take advantage of new technologies.

“Even if you are not engaging with it, these new technologies are going to hit you,” says Hans van Grieken, EMEA technology research and insights leader in Deloitte’s global CIO programme.

“You have to ask if your models are sufficient to cater to these technologies, because technology arrives and affects everyone regardless of whether they want it to or not.

“Should the technology operating model not adapt and cater to these waves of new technologies which are not going to go away?” he asks.

The world has effectively moved from IT to digital – but the next phase is going to be exponential. And it is coming quickly, Van Grieken says.

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The DNA traits that identify business leaders

Today’s business leaders are digitally mature, and have certain traits embedded in their corporate DNA.

Companies that are digital leaders are strategy-led; digitally mature; talent driven; empowered; long-term thinkers; are strong in people development; collaborative; leadership-driven; innovative; agile; make investment; and undertake experimentation and risk-taking.

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Technology trends powering digital success

Change is the order of the day for companies that plan to win in the digital world.

They can no longer have a single strategy, or pursue a single technology course. The CIO needs to re-engineer technology while embracing a no-collar workforce, enterprise data sovereignty, the new core, blockchain and an application programming interface (API) strategy.

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