Huawei held its biggest conference ever in Shanghai, bringing together 20 000 customers and partners to discuss directions in cloud, data centres, and networking. Kathy Gibson reports


Intel, Huawei drive 5G adoption

Intel and Huawei have signed a strategic partnership to drive the global adoption and standardisation of 5G by creating an industry reference architecture.

The two companies are collaborating on a number of other projects as well, as the cloud era demands increased connectedness and an open technology ecosystem.

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CEOs don’t get digitalisation

Digitalisation is a reality and companies know they have to transform their businesses – but remarkably few of them understand how they will accomplish this move.

Nigel Fenwick, vice-president and principal analyst at Forrester, explains that every company that exists today must become a technology company. “The revenue they generate will be driven by technology, by leveraging technology to drive sales.

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HSBC and its transformation journey

HSBC is a 15-year old bank, with aspirations to be a world-leading financial services institution. But it needs to offer new and innovative services through new channels if it wants to survive and thrive.

“Going forward our intention is to deliver more amazing innovations through digital transformation,” says Darryl West, chief information officer of HSBC.

Technology pervasiveness is changing the way people play and work, West says, and this is driving the need for companies like HSBC to look for new ways to deliver services.

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Moving towards the connected elevator

Every time you get into an elevator, you are putting your life into the hands of a sophisticated piece of technology that you assume is well designed and maintained.

More than 15-million elevators are being used today – and as urbanisation progresses, more people will live in cities and there will be more need for high-rise buildings and thus the need for elevators.

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IoT to help solve Nigerian power issues

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, with 173-million people, but a lack of power generation coupled with distribution challenges help to shackle the country’s economic prospects.

Now, an Internet of Things (IoT) system is being heralded as at least part of the solution to curb power loss while increasing collections.

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Buildings are getting smarter

Internet of Things (IoT) is being rolled out in real-world applications – and Honeywell is working with the technology in building control systems.

John Rajchert, president of Honeywell Building Solutions, points out that buildings touch everyone’s life, but can tend to be quite boring. They were also difficult to use, with the building manager being the only point of connection between resident and the building.

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Opportunities on the path to digitalisation

Times are tough and, while disruption brings a raft a challenges, there are many opportunities as well.

This is the word from Dr Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys, who says companies need to re-invent themselves, but shouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of doing this.

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Learn from the past as we move to the future

The future of technology and innovation is bright – but we should learn from the past.

Professor Andrew McAfee, principle research scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management, explains that for thousands of years we accomplished work by relying on muscle power.

“This placed a hard limit on how quickly our economies could grow, and how wealthy we could become. For most of history people were very poor.”

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