Trend Micro has got big plans for sub-Saharan Africa: the company has ramped up its investment in the region and is actively engaging with partners and customers.

Kathy Gibson learnt more at the Trend Security roadshow in Johannesburg


CISOs battle to stay on top of the game

Chief information security officers (CISOs) carry a huge load on their shoulders: they have to do more with less – but still take the hit when things go wrong.

“Digital transformation is a reality – in fact it’s going to go faster,” says Mark Walker, associate ice-president at IDC sub-Saharan Africa. “We are starting to look at Internet of Things and big data, and their use cases.”

In the new world, the balance of power has shifted from the CIO to the user, and budget no longer devolves automatically to IT. Today, as much as 76% of digital initiatives are driven by lie of business rather than IT.

“But heaven help you if there is a security breach,” Walker points out.

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It’s chaos out there for CISOs

Chief information security officers (CISOs) are having to deal with a chaotic world, as data centre modernisation drives dramatic shifts.

That’s the word from Indi Siriniwasa, vice-president: sub-Saharan Africa at Trend Micro, who points out that cloud adoption is taking off, Internet of Things (IoT) is burgeoning, and artificial intelligence is emerging as the only way to make sense of all the data being generated.

The IoT growth is driving new levels of complexity – and a wealth of new vulnerabilities, he adds.

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