On 23 November 2017, around 40 representatives from the WEEE Forum visited the Wecycle Service Center in Ede, the Netherlands, where end-of-life electrical appliances are sorted and dismantled, partly by people with a distance to the labour market.

The members of the WEEE Forum raised many questions about design, execution and revenue, in terms of sorting and recycling as well as in the social field.

Pascal Leroy, Secretary General of the WEEE Forum: “The Wecycle Service Center shows that through an economically feasible model, both circular and social goals can be achieved. It is of great added value that Wecycle shares its knowledge and experience about this with the participants of the WEEE Forum. Many of these are inspired to get started in their own country.”

In addition to the deployment of people with a distance to the labour market in a Wecycle Service Center, the sorting and disassembly of the appliances increases the quality of recycling. The Wecycle Service Centers thus support producers and importers in their implementation of the circular economy.

In the WEEE Forum, 34 collection systems exchange knowledge, experience and best practices in the field of collection and recycling of waste electrical appliances. Wecycle is the Dutch member in the WEEE Forum, the largest organisation in its kind in the world.


The WEEE Forum a.i.s.b.l. is a European association speaking for thirty-one not-for-profit e-waste producer responsibility organisations (PROs). Our mission is to help the PROs succeed operationally, take back e-waste efficiently and be known as members of the world’s chief e-waste competence centre and as promoters of a circular economy. We engage in the general debate on e-waste policy matters, in Europe and globally. The PROs collected 2.1 million tonnes in 2016, almost two-thirds of all officially reported e-waste in Europe. Since foundation, they have collected 17 million tonnes.

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