A massive 70% of South African adults will be shopping Black Friday and other festive sales days this year. A Finder.com survey of 1 524 South African adults reveals that 70%, which equates to around 27-million people, are planning to shop the festive sales this year – if the price is right.

Those planning to shop say it will take an average discount of 52% to entice them to make a purchase. Men are more likely than women to shop the sales, with 73% of men and 68% of women planning to shop.

Across age groups 25-34 year-olds are most likely to hit the sales with 76% planning to shop, followed by 18-24 and 35-44 year-olds (74% each).

Finder.com ran similar research in 11 other countries, which reveals that South Africa is home to the highest percentage of sales day shoppers this year, beating out countries like France (66%), Ireland (60%), and the US (57%).

The report also found South Africa ranks 27th for search volume for the term “Black Friday”, along with countries like Austria and Hungary.

Analysis reveals that South Africans are likely to search for deals from Takealot, Makro, Checkers, and HiFi Corp. Other popular brands include Vodakom, Telkom, and Kulula.

Finder.com senior writer and money expert James Martin says users can pick up some great discounts over the next couple of months. “If you have your eye on a certain product you should consider waiting to see if it’s discounted during the sales season. Even if you are in a rush, it’s still worth comparing your options – we’re already seeing heavy discounts ahead of Black Friday.”

However, Martin warns consumers about impulse purchases and overspending this sales season. “With 70% of South Africans admitting they could be swayed to make a purchase provided it’s discounted, the data suggests many South Africans could fall into the trap of making an impulse purchase.

“While shopping the sales can save you money, the rush to get a bargain can actually mean you spend more than you would have otherwise. Ask yourself if it’s something you would have bought if the sale price was the normal retail price, or whether you’re getting swept away by discounts.”

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