“Anyone who has ever taken someone to a hospital, or called an ambulance or paramedic, will know that these entities need a fair amount of information about a patient. Smart phones and personal devices are great places to keep this data – but what if battery-life or connectivity prevents access?”

So says Dianne Bayley, a Johannesburg-based healthcare and business continuity writer with experience in creating basic plans for individuals and small businesses. “A key issue seen with many homes during a crisis period such as the Covid-19 pandemic is not having all the information they need, in one place, when panic or upset hits.

“To arm people with a copy they can hand to a hospital administrator or keep available for the family to access emergency and other numbers, the Emerge Crisis Plans’ household management PDF enables a download that requires no personal data to be placed online, except an email address.”

Paper is ‘always on’ connectivity in a crisis

Bayley notes that South Africa may also face loadshedding during its 21-day lockdown and the issues that brings; while other countries could see difficulties in connectivity due to high network usage. Here, a paper-base solution is truly “always on”, she says.

“Emerge Crisis Plans (EMC) has made the document available at just R20.00 – around US1.00 dollar, or €1.00 – to ensure affordability for most families. For those taking care of others at a distance, having their details written on the plan is vital, too.”

While even food delivery services are largely shut off during a lockdown, Bayley says having the paperwork handy to be able to send air time, data bundles or funds to family or to workers can help them through this pandemic.

Visit www.emergecrisisplans.co.za to purchase a PDF for your family or employees. Please note that EMC uses the secure payment gateway PayFast, provides no medical advice, and encourages everyone to follow the advice of global experts such as the World Health Organization (www.who.org ) and the regulations set out by their own governments.

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