Google has once again been ranked as the world’s most attractive employer among business and engineering/IT students in Universum Global’s ninth annual survey. Universum Global surveyed more than 290 000 business and engineering/IT students from the world’s 12 largest economies.

The WMAE ranking recognises global organisations implementing preferable employer attributes according to highly-talented students. The survey is the largest of its kind, delivering valuable insights to employers around the globe.

The type of employer students want to work for: Students in both fields of study (74%) reported that they would prefer to work for a company with less than a 1 000 employees. A larger proportion of talent from Germany, France, and Brazil would prefer to work for macro employers, but overall talent in these markets also said they would prefer to work for companies with less than 1 000 employees.

WMAE 2017 Business Ranking Top 5:1. Google (Non-mover since 2016)2. Goldman Sachs (4th in 2016)3. Apple (2nd in 2016)4. EY (Ernst & Young) (3rd in 2016)5. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) (Non-mover since 2016) WMAE 2017 Engineering/IT Rankings Top 5: 1. Google (Non-mover since 2016)2. Microsoft (Non-mover since 2016)3. Apple (Non-mover since 2016)4. General Electric (6th in 2016)5. BMW Group (4th in 2016)Key insights for Business TalentThis year’s list of industries expanded to include e-commerce, insurance, and logistics. Additionally, student’s increasing interest in software and computer development caused banks, automotive, and FMCGs to decrease in rank.

FMCG still dominates WMAE results but many firms in the sector are declining in the ranking, not because of the industry, but because students feel numerous brands didn’t speak to them individually. The top three preferred industries include management and strategy consulting, banking and financial services, whereas in 2016, banks struggled to compete with tech firms for business talent.

Key insights for Engineering/IT Talent

The top three preferred industries include software, computer services, multimedia development and digital entertainment. With the exception of a few individual companies, the automotive industry has become a less attractive industry to work for.


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