Business or leisure, connected consumers are connected travellers

Consumers who use travel technology in their personal lives expect the same convenience in their work lives, and technology must respond.

Memo to new SA cabinet from SMBs, entrepreneurs 

With unemployment at 27% and declining, it is up to the SMB sector to make the difference. Government should be asking how it can build a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Financial inclusion across the continent: Africa’s Big Five

Visual Capitalist says 13 of the world’s largest urban centres in 2100 will be African, indicating the vast access to new markets which will be enhanced by dramatically different bandwidth and costs.

Re-imagining waste-to-energy for micro-generation

The waste–to–energy agenda in South Africa represents a huge economic opportunity to establish new industries and revenue streams.

Mercer: Access to health, wellness programmes vital

Employers believe career and work opportunities, work satisfaction, and pay and bonuses are essential – but 83% of employees in Nairobi fear they may lose their job in the next five years

Driving change: Ford releases 2019 Trends Report

Despite being tethered to our devices, trends show many are increasingly aware of – and alarmed by – their device dependency, and seeking ways to hold themselves accountable for the time they spend.

Report-back: Lenovo Accelerate

Lenovo has announced a slew of new end user products - including the world's first foldable PC. Mark Davison reports from the Lenovo Accelerate conference in Orlando, USA.   Lenovo heralds new era with foldable PC Lenovo says it has ushered in a new era of...