IDC CIO Summit: all about digitalisation

The IDC CIO Summit tackled the issues around digitalisation, touching on the technologies driving transformation, including blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. Kathy Gibson reports How IT can drive digital transformation As business...

Enterprises urged to choose their tech future

Kathy Gibson reports – South African companies are at a watershed when it comes to the technology they employ – and they will have to embrace emerging technologies in the near future to avoid being sidelined. This is the word from Arthur Goldstuck, MD of World...

Technology vision for 2018

Kathy Gibson was at Accenture TechVision 2018 – Enterprises have to change the way they connect with customers and employees as technology fundamentally changes the business landscape. Pervasive connectivity is a reality, and for the most part this is good – but for...

What to expect from the budget

South Africa is facing perhaps its toughest budget yet, and the year ahead will be tough as citizens have to fork out for a record fiscal deficit. Kathy Gibson attended PwC’s pre-budget review to find out what we can expect As social, political and economic...

Africa: land of challenge and opportunity

What can the ICT industry expect to see in 2018, and how can players prepare for it? Kathy Gibson attended IDC Directions to find out more. Africa is a unique and very different market to do business in, but there as many challenges as opportunities. “We live in a...

Yacht racing goes digital with biometrics

“This is a new application of the technology in a harsh environment. We are excited about collecting the data, and analysing it, to hopefully increase performance.” ~ Dr Adriana Marais, head of innovation, SAP Africa.

Disruption and the future for Africa

"Disruption happens when companies and industries are so greedy that they don’t want to innovate." That was the message from musician and entrepreneur at BCX Disrupt earlier this month.

SUSE and the Africa success story

In just six years, SUSE has gone from just about nowhere to being an enterprise platform leader in South Africa. Kathy Gibson got the full story at SUSEcon, Prague.

SUSEcon: Multimodal OS to bridge gap

SUSE is readying a multimodal operating system that will help CIOs bridge the growing gap between Mode 1 and Mode 2 IT operations. Kathy Gibson reported from SUSEcon, Prague.

Reporting from VMWorld 2017, Barcelona

Kathy Gibson reported from VMworld 2017 in Barcelona ~ Partnering remains core of VMware’s business, with 95% of sales in the EMEA region being signed through partners; Technology plus people is key for AI success.

Report back: Huawei Connect 2017, Shanghai

The smart city, while conceptual right now, will become reality as cloud computing, IoT and other enabling technologies come to maturity. Kathy Gibson reported from Huawei Connect 2017 in Shanghai.

The business benefits of hyperconvergence

Kathy Gibson reports from Dell EMC Channel Update in Sandton – The IT world is at an inflexion point as the environment we have worked in for the last 15 years is changing.

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