MoreCorp Group, the parent company of ProShop, Cycle Lab and a number of related outdoor venues, has found an efficient solution to its connectivity challenges with a full house fibre broadband and VoIP offering from iConnect. The solution, first piloted four years ago, has grown to reach across the Group’s facilities nationally, delivering massive call cost savings of over 40%.

iConnect Telecoms is an end-to-end communications provider, offering business connectivity solutions that include fibre broadband, mobile, VPN, hosted PBX, video conferencing, cloud storage and backup and more.

Says Sean Bartum, CIO of MoreCorp Group: “Our strategy is to continually identify new ways to improve the way we do business. iConnect initially took over our outbound call routing in 2010 to help us achieve a better rate. We saw savings immediately and within 18 months began rolling out a VoIP solution using The World of Golf practice facility as the pilot site. Due to its overwhelming success the VoIP solution soon became a phased rollout across the Group as new stores were established, refurbished or relocated.”

“The solution has also evolved into a universal virtual solution encompassing fibre broadband, inter-branch connectivity and a hosted virtual PABX service from iConnect using least cost call routing for outbound calls.”

The data and voice solution has been implemented at MoreCorp’s three golf ranges, its bike parks, head office and all 11 ProShop and Cycle Lab retail outlets.

Says Bartum: “The cost of connectivity has continued to drop – where we previously paid in the region of R4,500 for a Diginet line, we now pay only R1,500 for a VoIP connection. Add to that the 40% drop in call costs and there is just no contest. We were early movers in adopting this technology and it has been challenging on occasion, but completely worth the effort.”

“We have grown the solution as the technologies have matured, working with iConnect to also bring VoIP to the portable phones we use in-store. This continues to improve efficiency and productivity, and lower costs tremendously.”

“With the assistance of iConnect we will continue to experiment with new voice and data models for the Group as technologies advance and costs drop. iConnect has helped us stay ahead of the curve in terms of fibre data and voice and we look forward to continuing the relationship – it’s a great partnership for us built on a good culture match and great service.”

iConnect’s CEO, Calvin Collett, says, “MoreCorp Group is a fast growing and forward thinking company. It offers more than just a product – it offers its customers an experience. The kind of data and voice platform that will support the company as it grows needs to be digital. We hope to continue to assist MoreCorp as it takes its business forward.”

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