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Cover story: Sustainable Solutions

We might have seen the back of load-shedding (for now), but the recent news that Eskom may push the price of electricity even further up by a staggering 20% will have focused business’s attention firmly on the cost of power. But why are South African’s paying so much for electricity? What are the alternatives to the current situation. And, given that the production cost of power is out of most of our hands, what can we be doing to create and run more cost-effective businesses and data centres? Cost may be the driving force behind sustainability but there are many other excellent reasons to be more ecoconscious. We explore some of the issues that sustainability brings to mind.


Special Feature: Mobility sets you free … or does it?

We are most certainly living in a mobile world. Right now, the penetration of mobile devices is greater than 100% of the population – not surprising when you consider that most business professionals own and use at least a cell phone, probably a tablet or laptop – often both – and a myriad other mobile devices that might include GPSs, smart payment devices, storage devices, trackers and more.

The analysts tell us that smartphone and tablet sales are still growing at a rapid pace, so we’re obviously still investing in mobile technologies.

But where is this rollercoaster headed? What are the devices and technologies that are turning heads today; and what’s the prognosis for the future?

There are also a number of issues that companies have to think about when it comes to mobility. Security is a broad term that covers a range of vulnerabilities that mobile users unwittingly introduced into their work environments. Mobile device management is another challenge IT has to come to grips with, and if it doesn’t do this well, the consequences could be dire.

There’s also a whole new aspect to mobility that we’ve talked about, but probably not really understood in detail: the fact that our mobile devices are making us an integral part of the whole environment in which we exist – be it at work, at home, out on the street or in the mall. Because we carry connected devices, we are effectively becoming connected to the network ourselves and the world around us can start interacting with us in ways we never imagined before (and vice versa).

In this feature we’ll look at current and future trends and technologies shaping the mobile world. We’ll also have a special product showcase where you can feature the products available on the market today.

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Special Feature: The future of networking is in the software …

The software-defined data centre is slowly becoming a reality.

First, server virtualisation helped to consolidate the server room, then storage virtualisation helped to bring order to the nightmare that is enterprise storage.

Now the final piece of the puzzle, software-defined networking, is bringing the extended enterprise together.

In fact, some experts believe that if we fail to get the networking element right, the rest of the software-defined data centre will remain a pipe dream.

Software-defined networking itself goes way beyond the traditional switching and routing functions that you expect from your network. Security, state, convergence, hyperconvergence, application performance and more can all take place in the network without adding to infrastructure overhead.

And, because the enterprise network nowadays extends far beyond the borders of the enterprise itself, software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a welcome solution for companies battling with accessibility, latency, security and more.

This feature will examine the directions, trends and strategies in the networking market today.

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Regular sections

In addition, each issue of Futurewave BusinessIT includes the following regular features:

IT Service Management – Not glamorous, perhaps, but vitally important. We are carrying are a regular feature in every issue helping companies to understand and use IT service management.

Workplace 2020 – Human capital is supposed to be the most important asset within any company. So it’s important that the whole lifecycle of human capital management is understood, from recruitment to onboarding, from mentoring to career development and remuneration.

Business 2020 – How to use technology to improve your business. Plus the technology and services that will help you do so.

Innovation 2020 – The exciting new developments in technology, thinking, business and ideas that will change the world – or at least part of it – in the future.

IT in Government – The systems and solutions that can help government to improve its services to citizens.



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